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Our sustainable materials

 Our vision is to produce our products without compromising on quality, while keeping our footprint on this world as light as possible. That's why we work with partners who share this philosophy.

We take care of mother earth - because we love it.



This natural fibre  is industrially produced from natural raw materials and is therefore sometimes known as "man-made cellulose fibre".

The process uses wood, exclusively sourced from sustainably managed forests, which is made into Tencel fibres using REFIBRA technology - an innovative closed-loop process. Along with the certified wood, fabric off-cuts from the manufacture of cotton clothing are also used to ensure environmentally friendly and resource-saving production.

The end result is a soft fabric that’s ideal for the fashion industry! Tencel fibres are fully biodegradable - even in the ocean. So any micro-particles that shed in the wash will fully decompose in around 90 days, wherever they end up. These micro-particles leave no residue of any kind, so they pose no threat to the environment or any living creature.

Tencel feels fantastic against the skin and can also be worn by allergy sufferers without any problems.




  • naturally soft
  • easy care
  • breathable
  • excellent moisture regulation
  • colourfast
  • ideal for allergy sufferers
  • produced in Austria


€ 69.90 -30%
€ 48.93
€ 79.90 -30%
€ 55.93
€ 79.90 -30%
€ 55.93
€ 59.90 -30%
€ 41.93


Clothes made from textile waste, fishing nets or carpeting? Allow us to introduce ECONYL®! The innovative Revo.Eco material relies on so-called filament yarn, a synthetic fibre made from 100% recycled polyamide.

Eco-friendly and ready for action: using waste products which would previously have been dumped, we can create endless possibilities for (stylish) recycling. 

This is the main fabric we use to make our range of pants. 


  • optimal fit
  • excellent comfort
  • breathable
  • quick-drying
  • robust and shape-retaining
  • lightweight
  • compression effect
  • anti-pilling
  • UV protection
€ 159.90 -30%
€ 111.93
€ 109.90 -30%
€ 76.93
€ 149.90 -30%
€ 104.93


T-DRI-01 (Dri.Release) technical fabric combines synthetic, water-repellent fibres of varying weights and staple lengths with natural, water-absorbent fibres (TENCEL™).
This unique combination efficiently draws moisture and sweat away from the skin and pushes it to the outside of the fabric, where it quickly evaporates. Fabrics with T-DRI-01 blends do not fade over time, as they are not treated with chemicals.
Thanks to DriRelease technology, the fibres dry extremely quickly and wick sweat effectively away. Dri.Release fibres make a valuable contribution to the environment as they rely on natural functions rather than chemical treatments.
DriRelease fabric keeps you feeling naturally fresh, dry and ultra-comfortable, whatever your day has in store. 


  • moisture transport
  • quick-drying
  • non-stop performance
  • excellent comfort
  • premium quality
  • no fading
  • sweat-wicking
  • enviromentally friendly
€ 69.90 -30%
€ 48.93
€ 59.90 -30%
€ 41.93
€ 79.90 -30%
€ 55.93

Cool.Trail - natural minerals

Sportswear made from fabric that’s both cooling and ultra-comfortable? Cool.Trail makes this possible. The patented woven and knitted structure binds natural minerals, which create a cooling effect for the wearer. The fabric boasts  three special features, which we like to call the "Triple Chill Effect":

-Cooling minerals (provide an immediate and lasting cooling effect)

-Active moisture management (removes moisture for ultimate comfort) 

-Quick drying (keeps you feeling fresh during sports)


cool.trail AT A GLANCE

  • naturally cooling materials
  • active moisture management

  • quick-drying

  • all day performance

  • easy-care

  • extremely comfortable

€ 139.90 -30%
€ 97.93