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Premium insulation technology made in Europe

What is G-LOFT®?

G-LOFT® is a premium synthetic insulation fibre by Austrian manufacturer Goldeck Textil, which is used in high-end outdoor clothing and equipment. As an innovative high-tech material, G-LOFT® combines the advantages of natural down with the robustness of synthetic fibres: It is extremely light, warm, highly breathable and moisture-regulating, even in wet, cold weather. In addition, G-LOFT® is highly compressible, but it bounces back to its airy original shape, even after bearing a heavy load – for enduring optimal heat insulation.

Martini Sportswear uses G-LOFT® in its spring/summer collections, as well as the autumn/winter collections. Thesustainable G-LOFT® ECO EVOX is used in a variety of Martini jackets and waistcoats from the ECO POWER LINE. It combines high-performance PES (polyester) with unique recycled fibres and offers an outstanding heat-weight ratio. G-LOFT® insulations are among the highest performers on the market and they are 100% made in Europe.  

Types of G-LOFT® insulation

  • super-warm & super-light
  • highly compressible & enduringly puffy with extra-high loft
  • very high heat performance when wet
  • breathable & moisture-regulating
  • easy-care & and allergy-friendly
  • free of animal materials, 100% recycled & made in Europe
Modelled on nature

How does G-LOFT® work?

G-LOFT® is based on a bi-component fibre, which is hollow inside for optimal heart retention – polar bear fur acted as a model. It is made from two different raw materials that form a spiral – comparable to a coiled spring – so the G-LOFT® insulation always bounces back to its original shape. Like down, the G-LOFT® fibres form natural clusters with countless little air pockets that trap body heat and let air circulate optimally. This ensures perfect temperature regulation and excellent heat insulation that can actually match natural down padding.

Better than down?

What are the properties of G-LOFT®?

Thanks to the special technology with spiral-shaped hollow fibres, G-LOFT® insulations boast an impressive heat-weight ratio. That means, G-LOFT® is noticeably lighter and achieves higher loft with more air pockets and a proven higher thermal performance than other insulation materials of the same weight. The fill power of G-LOFT® is comparable to that of duck down.

At the same time, the material can easily be compressed; after unpacking, the soft loft quickly rebuilds, and the fibre structure is retained (“memory effect”).

Other than down, the synthetic fibre doesn’t absorb moisture, so even when wet, it guarantees a high thermal performance. That is why G-LOFT® clothing is optimally suited for use in wet, cold areas.

Thanks to the natural cluster structure of the fibres, air can circulate optimally, which makes clothing highly breathable, moisture-wicking and ensures that the body stays warm and dry, even when you break a sweat.

In addition, G-LOFT® is free of animal materials, making it ethically sound and allergy-friendly. 

Der Umwelt zuliebe


G-LOFT® insulation comes in different qualities for a variety of uses. For its outdoor clothing, Martini Sportswear uses only insulation material from the innovative ECO POWER LINE, which combines the excellent properties of G-LOFT® with maximum sustainability.

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The latest innovation from the G-LOFT® ECO POWER LINE is G-LOFT® ECO EVOX, a high-loft-insulation with extremely low weight in a special 3D fibre construction. It uses particularly fine microfibres, which are especially homogenous and arranged like down. The resulting loft and the insulation performance are outstanding – even in extremely wet, cold weather. G-LOFT® ECO EVOX achieves maximum thermal performance with a weight as low as 20g/m², making it just as warm as other fibres at 50 to 60g/m². The material is compact, holds its shape, while being pleasantly stretchy.

G-LOFT® ECO EVOX was developed especially for extra-light 4-season insulation clothing and is perfect for leisure and outdoor activities where every gram counts – whether it’s downhill or cross-country skiing, hiking, climbing, trail running or biking.

Out of respect for the environment, G-LOFT® ECO EVOX is made from 100% recycled PES-premium-fibres. G-LOFT® premium insulation achieves OEKO-TEX standard 100, making it particularly skin-friendly.


G-LOFT® ECO PLUS is a premium insulation material for professional cold protection clothing that represents maximum insulation performance with maximum fill power. G-LOFT® ECO PLUS starts at 40g/m². In clothing, it is used particularly for warm winter jackets. This fibre is also made from 100% recycled PES-premium-fibres, fulfils the requirements of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and is particularly skin-friendly.

Fill power and heat

How warm is G-LOFT® clothing?

The warmth of G-LOFT® clothing depends on the design, the fibre quality and the G-LOFT® fill power. The fill power refers to the area density of the insulation material, so it tells you how many grams of insulating G-LOFT® fibres are contained per square metre. The higher this number, the warmer the garment.
Established fill volumes are:

  •  20 to 40g/m²: in light jackets, for use in spring or autumn, as well as chilly summer days, or as a thin insulating layer under a shell.  
  •  80 to 90g/m²: in medium all-round insulation jackets, which retain heat on cold days and can be used as an outer or in-between layer. 
  •  130g/m² in very warm winter jackets, which keep you warm in sub-zero temperatures.


Sometimes different fill powers are used in one garment, for example higher grammage on the torso, where you want more warmth, but less on the arms, where breathability and freedom of movement are essential.

Proper care of G-LOFT® clothing

How do I wash G-LOFT® clothing?

G-LOFT® clothing is very easy to care for and can be machine washed with liquid laundry detergent (no fabric conditioner) on a delicate cycle at 30 degrees Celsius. Dry on a low setting in the tumble drier and remove immediately. Even after repeated washes, the fibres return to their spiral-shaped structure time and again.

Detailed care and washing instructions can be found on the care labels of all Martini Sportswear products.

Premium quality outdoor sports clothing

Martini Sportswear G-LOFT® products

Choose your Martini Sportswear G-LOFT® jacket or waistcoat! The outdoor jackets and waistcoats are ideally suited for all types of athletic activities that take you out into nature, at any time of year and in any weather.