Warmth and comfort, weight and commitment, demands and fulfillment - six essential key points in the production line of high-quality outdoor clothing, that PrimaLoft® brings to perfection. No wonder then that Martini Sportswear uses the material that is also known as artificial down in many different ways.

But what is behind the synthetic material? It primarily and all together scores high with its low weight and the enormous breathability. In contrast to goose down, the material, however,  does not change its shape when wet and keeps you optimally warm in all weather conditions.

But PrimaLoft® has even more to offer: It is moisture-repellent, highly insulating and ideally suited for allergic people. Despite its high insulation, the lightweight functional material persuades with a small packing volume. And that's not all: the all-round talent in terms of function is very easy to wash and care for.

Advantages of PrimaLoft®

  • keeps you warm without having a large volume
  • windproof
  • water repellent
  • quick drying
  • breathable
  • compressible
  • ultralight
  • ultra soft


The fibers of the PrimaLoft® material are very finely spun - the fiber thickness is below a denier. It is considered the thinnest fiber in the entire textile industry and adapts perfectly to the body.  The synthetic material is equally extremely breathable and windproof. The unique PrimaLoft® technology offers enormous capacities in terms of heat storage and optimum insulation performance - it is ideal for outdoor activities of all kinds! As it is the case with natural down, air bubbles are created between the synthetic PrimaLoft® fibers , which are filled with body heat but equally released it again. The special feature of the synthetic down is that PrimaLoft® is ultralight, but keeps you extremely warm and shields the body from the cold. The PrimaLoft® material is nowadays almost indispensable in the field of thermal insulation. It is reminiscent of the well-known and popular goose down. In contrast, PrimaLoft® is free of animal materials and water repellent due to its special impregnation. The unique mix of water-repellent synthetic down and microfiber keeps sports fans dry and warm even in rain and snow.

PrimaLoft® - the best outdoor protection ever

The synthetic PrimaLoft® down is without doubt one of the most widely used materials in the outdoor sector due to its top-level product performance. Also for Martini Sportswear, it is a standard component in almost every sportswear.

Warming jackets and pants from Martini Sportswear are always made from PrimaLoft® Gold fibers. They protect against wind and weather during all types of outdoor and leisure activities, keep you warm and have equally perfect moisture management. It  is Ideal for skiing, cross-country skiing, cycling, hiking or climbing.

Martini Sportswear focuses on the best of the best

The best of the PrimaLoft® product line

There are three types of PrimaLoft® fibers: gold, silver and bronze. Martini Sportswear uses the exclusive prime material PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation for its high-quality outdoor clothing.

PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation

If you are out in the cold when it is raining for a long time and you still want the ultimate in comfort and performance, PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation is the answer. It is the most powerful synthetic insulation fabric actually on the market. The number one when it comes to the heat-to-weight ratio scores high with excellent heat insulation. In addition, it is surprisingly compressible and soft as goose down. PrimaLoft® Gold has also the well-known and proven water-repellent properties of PrimaLoft®, which optimally protects the body even in wet weather. At the same time, it is extremely easy care. The top product for all outdoor adventurers stans for the best performance without compromises - whether for skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking, climbing and mountain biking.

Maintain PrimaLoft® clothing properly

How do I wash PrimaLoft® products?

The care of the PrimaLoft® material is very easy and has a clear advantage when compared with the natural down. The material can be easily washed in the gentle cycle of the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius. The best is to use liquid detergent! The tumbling should be avoided, while short drying in the dryer or easy hang up on the clothesline is recommended. Exact care and washing instructions from Martini Sportswear you can find in the sewn-in label of  all products.