The athletes of the Martini Speed ​​Team

Martini Sportswear stands for functional outdoor clothing from professionals for professionals. Nowhere is this more clear than when you look at the top athletes of our  Martini Speed ​​Team. The ideal combination of style and function is proof that performance and quality are inseparable. Get to know the athletes who rely on Martini Sportswear even under the toughest competitive conditions.

Martini Sportswear as a sponsor

Martini Sportswear supplies more than 20 athletes from Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland with complete speed equipment - and not only in winter. From trail running to biking to ultramarathon: Also in the summer we outfit numerous athletes with durable functional clothing. Our athletes are using Martini Sportswear during both national and international races and performances. For example, at world-renowned events such as: Patrouille des Glaciers, Sella Ronda or Pierra Menta.

These athletes rely on Martini Sportswear

Clear the way for the athletes of the Speed ​​Team of Martini Sportswear:

Martini Speed Team

Athletes in Austria, germany, Switzerland & Italy

  • Peter Gruber
  • Sepp Grugger
  • Harald Ploderer
  • Daniel Ratz
  • Martin Schider
  • Richard Schmied
  • Johann Stuhler
  • Heinz Verbnjak
  • Peter Viehauser
  • Marcell Voithofer
  • Hans-Peter Pötzleitner
  • Helmut Fletschberger
  • Paul Verbnjak
  • Thomas Koller
  • Sarah Dreier
  • Bernadette Klotz
  • Matthias Naglmayr
  • Felix Kastner
  • Markus Hölzl
  • Sandro Schlegel
  • Anna Pircher
  • Henry Hofer
  • Philipp Plunger

The Martini Experience

What clothing technologies is the Austrian outdoor brand using? And how are the garments best layered during the various sporting activities as well as in everyday life? Get ready for the unique Martini Experience - there is so much to discover ...