First layer: fresh and dry

The first layer, also called the base layer, sits directly next to the skin. Its task: wicking away sweat and releasing it to the outside. This minimises moisture and prevents the body from losing heat too quickly. The base layer regulates temperature, moisture and odour and ensures comfort - ideal for all kinds of physical activity.

A good example of a base layer fabric is STYLE. This four-way stretch fabric offers a uniquely comfortable wearing experience. Another plus is its ultra-breathability. Excess moisture on the body is quickly wicked away, keeping the skin dry. Super-stretchy and robust, this functional fabric is ideal for any outdoor activity.

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Third Layer: Weather Protec­tion

The third layer acts as a weather-repellent shield. It effectively protects against wind, rain and snow, allowing neither moisture nor cold to penetrate through to the body. Whether for everyday activities, cross-country skiing or hiking in the mountains - your choice of third layer should always reflect the environment in which you plan to wear it.

A good example of a top layer fabric is Primaloft®. This "artificial down" is a synthetic material that offers several advantages: it is ultra-lightweight, breathable, moisture-repellent and keeps you warm - exactly what a third layer should do.

Pertex® Shield is another good example - a lightweight, robust and technically advanced outer fabric that offers excellent breathability as well as waterproof and windproof properties. It’s an absolute prerequisite in the jackets and pants from Martini Sportswear.

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