Martini sportswear

Our Promises

Basecamp Annaberg

Where we come from has shaped our success story since 1958.

Some say that we in Annaberg in the Tennengau are a little pedantic - we are also said to be somewhat stubborn. But we take that as a compliment: individualism, a penchant for perfection and a firm belief in our own ideas and ideals are in our DNA. At least, that’s how it is at Martini.

Martini Sportswear has always been, and remains to this day, an independent, family-run business. When customers reach out to us, their e-mails don’t end up in an anonymous call centre, they come directly to us here in Annaberg. We promote added value at our home location and stand up for our convictions every day. Because we are free to do so.

Independent and self-reliant, we remain unwaveringly true to the Martini style and walk our path with steadfast determination. We’re pedantic because we’re passionate.

We love Planet A

We take care of mother earth - because we love it.

We live and breathe the great outdoors. We love it and we need it. After all, what good are the best sports styles if there’s no nature to enjoy them in? None at all.

That's why we champion sustainable thinking, growth and, above all, action. Renewable raw materials, state-of-the-art production logistics, smart recycling management, waste and pollutant minimisation are our essentials.

That’s why 95% of our production takes place in the EU. That's why we make our products to last and focus on repair rather than disposal. That's why, when sourcing our materials, we pay close attention to where and who they come from.

All this, because it's necessary, because it's important - and because it's right!

Style follows function

Our products speak for themselves.

A good companion on outdoor adventures must have certain special qualities. Reliability is a must - after all, promises that aren’t kept don’t count. Technical know-how is very important - it’s reassuring to know that your companion is fit for the demands, conditions and facilities on the trail. Flexibility is a great asset - a good companion stays with you every step of the way. And if we’re honest, it also takes a certain amount of style… from the right look to the right attitude.

What our ideal companion does not need is unnecessary ballast: pompous claims, useless added extras or promises that don't deliver. We could almost be talking about a person here, couldn't we?

Outdoor Explorer

Our home is the great outdoors.

That deep breath before your first step outside is our front door. We live on the forest paths, between the snowy peaks, wherever your mountain bike takes you. Nature is our playground - the ledge on the cliff face, our relaxing terrace. Melt water cools our drinks and the crystal-clear mountain lake is our home-spa.

It’s no secret: here at Martini, life happens outside. 365 days a year, whatever the weather, the temperature or the altitude. We breathe in mountain air and breathe out excitement in everything we do.