PrimaLoft® Active


  • warmth without bulk
  • highly breathable & moisture-regulating
  • light & soft
  • compressible to a compact size
  • easy-care & hypoallergenic
  • free from animal materials, 100% PFC-free


PrimaLoft® Active is similar in structure to animal fur. It consists of fibres of different lengths and thicknesses, which create natural heights and depths in the material. When you are on the move, air can circulate perfectly in this open structure. At the same time, the irregular “hairs” of different lengths form many small air pockets that effectively store heat when you are standing still.

PrimaLoft® Active is highly insulating, breathable and temperature regulating. Thanks to the animal fur structure, which allows more air circulation than conventional insulating fabrics and at the same time actively warms, the strengths of the material come into their own especially well on cooler days during strenuous sporting activities. The fibre technology effectively dissipates excess body heat and moisture, creating a balanced body climate.
The material feels as soft as wool, is pleasantly light and not very bulky.
In addition, PrimaLoft® Active is free from animal materials, making it ethically sound and perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers.

PrimaLoft® Active clothing is very easy to care for and can be machine washed with liquid laundry detergent on a delicate cycle at 30 degrees Celsius. Spin drying is not recommended, but it can be dried on a low setting in the tumble drier. Detailed care and washing instructions can be found on the respective labels of all Martini Sportswear products.

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