Winter Jackets

functional Winter Jackets for Women

There is no bad weather - there is only wrong clothing - and for sure Martini Sportswear does not focus on wrong clothing! To make sure that you have fun during your favourite sports activities even when it’s cold, Martini Sportswear Women offers winter jackets for every occasion. The Primaloft fibers are warm, insulated, windproof, breathable and offer an optimum wearing comfort when you are going skiing, cross-country skiing or just are having fun in your spare time.

The high quality material Polartec® Alpha® is integrated in some of our jackets for the first time. It saves the warmth of the body and stands for highest breathability at the same time. Sweat disappears without problems and a fast drying is guaranteed.

The highly functional materials PowerStretch®, SupraStretch or Active-Stretch, processed in the Midlayers are characterized by optimum moisture control, exceptional wearing comfort and are equally suitable for ski touring, skating, cross-country skiing, Nordic and many more winter sports. If you are looking for a jacket for "powdering" or stormy weather conditions, then the 2.5- and 3-layer laminate jackets are the right choice for you.

Visually the jackets captivate with their cool and trendy design, the sporty colour combinations and the perfectly sophisticated cut. Each Martini Midlayer or Primaloft® jacket can be ideally combined with the high quality winter trousers for ladies.