Material Guide from Martini Sportswear

Martini Sportswear only uses the best of the best - no other material has a chance to enter the production process. Which functional materials meet these high quality standards? Which properties characterize the individual fabrics ? What is better synthetic fibers and natural materials? You can find out all this now!

Synthetic fibers versus natural materials

Synthetic fibers such as polyester, polyamide or spandex dry quickly, are lightweight, wrinkle-free and durable, also tear-resistant and dimensionally stable. However, this is often offset by a lower moisture absorption and lack of thermal insulation.

The bestsellers among the natural materials for sportswear are cotton and merino wool. Comfortable to wear are both, however, the merino wool also has excellent heat regulation properties. Compared to synthetic fibers, natural materials are usually less durable and more expensive.

Best materials at Martini Sportswear

From A like Active Stretch to X like X-Stretch 3.0, Martini Sportswear focuses on innovative and sustainable functional materials of the highest quality. Are you ready for the Material Guide? Even particularly eco-friendly Lyocell fibers are on the list ...


The search for a fabric that allows unrestricted freedom of movement has been successfully completed with the Active Stretch material. At Martini Sportswear you benefit from top quality with top marks in terms of comfort. No wonder, after all, models with active stretch are heat-insulating, breathable and elastic at the same time.


High performance on the skin - that's what Act.On offers to athletes. What makes the functional material a hot tip for winter shirts? Push-pull woven Act.On immediately captivates with optimal moisture exchange. At the same time, the incorporated Cordura ensures a higher abrasion resistance.


A good body feeling is an absolute necessity for optimal performance - not only, but especially during sports activities. BoDry contributes significantly to this with its highly functional moisture management. In addition to fast drying, the material plays in terms of stylish function all the tunes.

HIQ 4.0

The hoodies from Martini Sportswear for men and women get their own specific functional touch with HIQ 4.0 materials. It is a fabric that can a lot, is robust and withstands a great deal. You always can rely on its excellent breathability, resistance to abrasion and pilling.  4-way stretch also provides outstanding wearing comfort.


Whether alone or in combination with PrimaLoft® Gold or Wind.Shield - you can entirely rely on the material HIQ +. Therefore, it plays an important role in the whole range of Martini Sportswear. The features speak for themselves: perfect moisture management, reliable wind and weather protection and high wearing comfort.


Windproof and extremely water repellent, Power.Shell is the ideal material for less strenuous activity. It excels with optimal functionality in anything that is planned outdoors and during moderate activities. The wearers of the Power.Shell models are always on their ways benefitting from an ideal wearing comfort and ultimately a very good body feel.


It dries quickly, is form stable and yet elastic. Now we are talking about highly functional suprastretch material. Air-filled hollow fibers offer perfect thermal insulation. What are the results? Sweat is reliably transported through the clothing to the outside while the body is kept warm.


Do you already know the fiber of the future? Lyocell fibers are made from the renewable raw material wood. The use of this material, which is also known as TENCEL®, is an important signal towards sustainability. In addition to the environmental advantages, real values in use come also into play due to naturalness which are moisture management and wearing comfort.


Windproof and ultra-light Wind.Shield makes multifunctional jackets for women and men even better - used as front facings or equally as a complete jacket. Tip from Martini Sportswear: With the Super DWR equipment you will benefit from a top-functional and visually perfect surface for a long time.


Pure Function by Nature: True to this motto, finely spun prime wool is processed in the Second Layers for her and him. This provides strong plus points in terms of wearing comfort, function and body climate. See for yourself!

X-Stretch 2.5 und 3.0

The functional materials X-Stretch 2.5 and 3.0 compete with all the elements. Completely windproof and waterproof, highly breathable and extremely elastic - with these features athletic excellence is inevitable. Treat yourself to a pleasant body feeling without body heat loss!

In addition to the fabrics of this Material Guide, Martini Sportswear uses also innovative apparel technologies such as PrimaLoft® or Polartec® materials. Click here to get to the Martini Style Guide and find out more about functionality, but also about the fit and colours of outdoor clothing.