About the functionality of Martini Sportswear

Almost every sport requires special functional clothing that meets different demands. What are these and what material technologies at Martini Sportswear promises well-being and performance in wind and weather? Find out now! The sportswear of the Austrian outdoor experts in high-tech check!

The five most important features of functional clothing

What characterizes high-quality functional clothing? Martini Sportswear has searched for an answer and found five important features:

1. Reliable protection from wind and weather

Special fabrics and membranes reliably keep wind and water away and at the same time the wearer warm and dry. Especially the outermost layer of the clothing should have wind and waterproof properties.

2. Optimal moisture transport

Additionally to the weather protection, the removal of sweat is an important function. It is important that the fabrics transport the moisture optimally away from the skin, in specific, through the clothing to the outside to avoid that the body cools down. Breathable models like a functional Second Layer are therefore the right choice.

3. Perfect heat insulation

Not too warm and not too cold: Functional underwear is essential to ensure optimal body temperature under the upper clothing layers. The degree of warmth varies depending on the sport, season and specific physical strain.

4. Lightness and robustness

Clothing is particularly strained during physical activity. Hard-wearing materials are therefore recommended. Additionally the weight of clothing in many sports is crucial to success - such as when running or mountain biking.


5. Attract attention at any time

Last but not least, the look should be matching  all the functionality. At Martini Sportswear, functional clothing is eye-catching - and that's a good thing. Some amateur athletes are outdoors in bad visibility or darkness. Others simply value a fashionable appearance. Either way, Martini Sportswear ensures style competence.

By the way - Martini Sportswear basically distinguishes between natural materials and synthetic fabrics.

Martini Sportswear in high-tech-check

Which material technologies now provide the multifunctional optimum for Martini Sportswear? In order to meet the requirements before described best, the following technology prime materials do their job:


Fabric, Gold, Hi.Loft Gold, Cross Core and Plume - Martini Sportswear has processed concentrated competence with PrimaLoft® in its functional clothing range. This technology is an excellent example of innovative and sustainable sportswear - and therefore it is rightly and proudly present in the range. More about the PrimaLoft® materials you can find here!

Pertex Shield®

Robust, highly technical and extremely breathable - this is Pertex Shield®. A specially processed membrane reliably protects from wind and weather. What happens when an innovative outer fabric and a microporous coating are combined? Martini Sportswear lifts a secret!

Polartec® Power-Stretch®

Highly functional, quick-drying and extremely elastic - Polartec® Power-Stretch® provides first-class moisture management for pleasant dryness during physical activity. Look forward to zero percent wet feeling and 100 percent performance. Another plus: Martini sportswear with Polartec® Power-Stretch® for sure does stay in shape.

Polartec® Alpha®

Polartec® Alpha® stands for optimum performance. Outstanding thermal insulation and breathability meet low weight and elasticity. Is the highest breathability guaranteed even during the most strenuous performance? That's for sure - You are dealing with the functional high-end quality from Martini Sportswear!

Polartec® Thermal Pro®

Robust polyester yarns with low weight make Polartec® Thermal Pro® a much liked component when processing jackets and vests at Martini Sportswear. The functional material dries quickly, is breathable and elastic. Exactly the right fabric to achieve top marks in terms of freedom of movement and comfort. See for yourself!

Polartec® Wind Pro®

With the functional Polartec® Wind Pro® fabric, squalls have found a strong opponent. A tight knit construction of the fleece structure does not let wind through. In addition, the focus is on thermal insulation, comfort and breathability. All about the windproof high-tech Polartec® Wind Pro® material here!

A tip so the outdoor clothing really works optimally: Lay your clothes with the onion principle! In the Style Guide you can learn more about the concept of layering.

Outstanding functionality packed in a visually appealing way

Maximum functionality and chic design have always been a harmonious couple at Martini Sportswear. Browse through the tips and tricks and learn more about fits, materials and colours! Or dive even deeper into the unique Martini Experience!