Tips for the perfect fit from Martini Sportswear

Waisted or straight, long or short, close-fitting or loose? Which fits are you most comfortable with jackets and pants? Martini Sportswear works with a large variety of cuts, from classic to modern, and offers every athlete the right model.

Anyone who deals with the topic more intensively, realizes that the cut is not everything as far as the fit is concerned. In the Style Guide Martini Sportswear gets to the question of the perfect fit to the bottom.

The secret of the perfect fit

Which jacket fits which shape?  What do the properties for pants:  Fit, Slim Fit, Straight or Regular mean? And what is actually to be understood in general under the fit of garments? Questions that show there is a need for clarification in terms of fit.

What does describe the fit of garments?

Basically, the fit is understood as the adaptation of the shape of a garment to the human body. It is about the proper fit, taking into account different body dimensions and individual proportions. So far so good. But what does that mean in concrete terms? As essential indicators for the choice of well-fitting clothes not only the clothing size has to be considered but also the fit.

A question of the cut

One thing in clear: The perfect cut does not really exist. After all, what everyone considers a perfect fit depends on many different factors. For example, from current fashion trends, which have produced over 140 styles of cut for women's clothing over time. Comfort, Regular, Modern, Loose, Slim Fit or simply: a tight, loose or straight fit. However, it has not been that easy for a long time.

Therefore, a standardization of clothing sizes is attempted in the fashion industry. The emphasis is on "attempted", as these sizes vary profoundly depending on the manufacturer.

The size of the cloths as a guideline

Extra short, short, standard or long: The body height is an important value regarding the clothing size. Additionally information on chest circumference, waist circumference or hip circumference is taken into account.

At Martini Sportswear the clothing sizes range from XXS to XXL.

Tips for the right fit of the outerwear

Do you want to know about more clues? You should consider the following when buying jackets, shirts and so on:

  • The shoulder seams are straight, lie flat and reach to the end of the shoulder.
  • Sleeves are the right length when covering the wrists with the arms slightly bent sideways.
  • When trying on, it is essential to raise and lower the arms to see if the clothes return to their original position!
  • Despite closed button bar, the clothing sits comfortably, without restriction.
  • A zipper closes quickly and effortlessly.

About body measurements and proportions

Tall and very slim, small and compact, normal shape and figure? All these are assessments that leave scope for individual interpretation. Yes, clothing sizes are a guide to categorize measurements. However, human proportions are individually different so only average body measures can be used as standards in the calculation of this benchmark.

About fits and shape types

Especially for pants, but certainly also for other garments, the following categorization has prevailed:

  • Slim Fit: slim, but not too tight, contemporary and modern, ideal for slim women and men, body size is secondary
  • Straight Fit: comfortable, neither too tight nor too loose, straight cut, the classic for all figure types, laminates on demand, also called regular fit
  • Skinny fit: tight and body-accented, like a second skin, mostly worn by slender and petite women
  • Boyfriend: casual and cool, uncomplicated and stylish, can be used properly to flatter any shape and figure
  • Loose-fitting: sporty-casual, loose fitting all over, models that end just above the ground visually stretch the body

In addition: Waisted jackets emphasize a narrow middle body, long and loose models stretch the upper body ... Why this is not all that important, find out now!

Personal taste and other decisive factors

Personal preferences, trends, fashion awareness, style - ultimately, the choice of fit is a matter of taste. True to the motto: is allowed, what pleases. But one thing is certain: The fit contributes significantly to the freedom of movement and ultimately to the wearing comfort. A good reason to find your favourite cut right away, don't you think so? Here you can enter the shop!