Ski touring apparel from Martini Sportswear

There is no slow-down in the trend towards ski touring - and the proximity to pristine nature is a key reason for that. Do you prefer to ascend and descend in your own individual tracks - off piste and far away from ski lifts ? For many winter sports  enthusiasts that's exactly what makes this sport so special. No wonder that the fan base is steadily growing and Martini Sportswear offers perfectly matching functional clothing for ski tourers.

What role does the onion principle play in ski touring, and what equipment besides the functional clothing is also indispensable on your next ski tour? Martini Sportswear has the answers!

Ski touring apparel for her and him

Functional clothing for ski touring smartly layered

Do you want to approach the snowy summit optimally prepared? Whether on or off the slopes:  When on special touring skis, functional outdoor clothing is a must. Sporty women and men can find precisely this type of clothing in the extensive assortment of Martini Sportswear. The models cover all bases in terms of function and style. Embark on an exciting journey of discovery in the Martini Sportswear World!

What's the perfect outfit for this trendy endurance sport? As with many other sporting activities, in ski touring layering is essential. Because even at low winter temperatures, men and women can quickly work up a sweat when climbing the summit. To prevent the body from cooling down or overheating, smart layers are required. Martini Sportswear ensures bodily comfort on all your ski tours.

The first functional layer: First Layer

As the name suggests, the base layer acts as an important base for your ski touring outfit. The undermost layer of clothing is also designated First Layer and usually consists of thin, breathable and quick-drying materials. Tight-fitting and worn close to  the body, the First Layer resembles a second skin. It is hardly noticeable and invisible, but at the same time of great importance, as it keeps the ski tourer dry. Functional underwear like the shirts from Martini Sportswear are ideal to meet this purpose.

The second functional layer: Second Layer

Thermal insulation and temperature regulation are the main features of the second functional layer, known among athletes as Second Layer or Mid Layer. Sweaters, light jackets or vests are especially popular and act as the golden mean. Depending on the  weather conditions or the body temperature: The models ideally adapt to all changing conditions when ski touring. The high-quality Second Layers of Martini Sportswear ensure that cooling or overheating have no chance.

The third functional layer: Third Layer

Last but not least, men and women who love ski touring rely on a functional Third Layer. Wind and weather protection is the main characteristic of this third and outermost clothing layer. Depending on the weather, different materials are used. Down jackets are the right choice on cold and dry winter days. Should it rain or snow during your ski tour, models with PrimaLoft® are the perfect companion. Multifunctional or hybrid jackets made by Martini combine the best features of different materials.

The best possible freedom of movement additionally determines the choice of a suitable ski touring jacket. No matter which Martini Sportswear model you choose, you can always rely on the Third Layer of the Salzburg's outdoor professionals!

Flexible and robust: ski touring pants

Martini Sportswear ski touring pants are actually also a Third Layer: they are the outermost layer of clothing that protect against wind, rain and snow. Robust, heat insulating and sporty cut, the functional pants ensure optimal freedom of movement and the highest wearing comfort on the mountain - no matter what the weather will be like! Click here to discover the large variety of winter sports pants for men and women!

Practical and stylish: ski touring accessories

Accessories are the icing on top of the cake of every outfit - this is also the case with the functional yet fashionable ski touring accessories from Martini Sportswear. Is the sun shining? Then a pair of sunglasses needs to be packed. The higher the ski tourer walks up the mountain, the more a headband or cap is recommended. The same applies to a warming bandana or a multifunctional tube scarf. If necessary, the latter not only can protect the neck, but also the ears, nose or mouth.

Functional fashion in its most beautiful design

Ski touring clothing in the typical Martini Style

With the ski touring apparel from Martini Sportswear, ski tourers often show their colours - and that's important and authentic. Jackets and pants in loud colours easily can catch the eye in the white snow. Additionally to the safety aspect, of course, fashionable demands also play a major role. Yes, that's right - the ski touring outfit  should primarily warm and protect you. But who doesn't like it when the gear also makes you look good and turns heads just "en passant"?

Enjoy a ski touring look as individual as you are: This is exactly what the Austrian outdoor expert Martini Sportswear has to offer. Choose from a large variety of modern colours, cuts and designs - and find the models that best meet your personal preferences. One thing is certain: The countless combination options of the jackets, shirts, pants and accessories leave no fashion wish unfulfilled.

Perfectly equipped for your ski tours and on the way to summit happiness

What does perfectly round out your ski touring gear?

As far as the functional requirements are concerned, ski touring is clearly a high-tech sport. In other words: Matching equipment contributes significantly to the successful experience in nature. Martini Sportswear knows what winter sports enthusiasts need above and beyond technical outdoor clothing for unforgettable ski touring days:

  • Touring skis or freeride skis with special touring binding, adapted to the individual skills and the relevant application areas
  • Lightweight ski touring boots for flexibility when climbing and stability on the descent
  • Skins (also called climbing skins) as a climbing aid on the snow during ski touring ascents
  • A transceiver set consisting of avalanche transceiver, avalanche shovel and probe
  • A ski touring helmet that reliably protects your head in every situation
  • Ski touring poles that help the ski tourer climb and descend
  • A functional ski touring backpack or avalanche backpack, where you can stow away all the essentials safely and practically

When it comes to the equipment, the following applies in principle: the longer and more ambitious the ski tour is, the lighter and more technical the equipment must be.