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How to choose the right hiking gear depends on several factors. Not only the length and the degree of difficulty of the tour play a role, but also season, temperature and weather conditions. Especially on multi-day hiking tours and in harsh alpine terrain you can count on sudden weather changes and therefore you should look to be well prepared.

Outdoor clothing for every season

Functional clothing for hiking and mountaineering

Whether bright sunshine, pouring rain, burning heat or icy cold weather, outdoor adventurers can not be held back from their passion for the mountains - out and about in any weather conditions. It is therefore all the more important to be able to rely on the right equipment. First thoroughly check out both functionality and wearing comfort of the garments. They must be perfectly attuned to the needs of the athlete. Only then can mountain lovers enjoy their hobby in the great outdoors to the fullest. Martini Sportswear focuses on high quality fabric processing, close-fitting cuts and flexible materials. This results in functional, comfortable and stylish hiking clothing, which protects and supports you on every mountain tour and in every weather.

Hiking jackets for all weather conditions

Whether in the morning, in bad weather conditions or in the evening when it gets chilly - on most walks versatile functional jackets are indispensable. Hiking jackets from Martini Sportswear are breathable as well as windproof and waterproof. Additionally they score high with many pockets for mobile phones, snacks and more. PrimaLoft® hiking jackets also keep the body warm in cooler temperatures. The best thing about it: Thanks to the small packing volume, they can be easily stowed away in every hiking backpack. Lightweight wind breakers and elastic softshell jackets are also particularly popular.

Hiking shirts for men and women

Functional Martini Sportwear hiking shirts are made from extremely lightweight materials that are breathable and quick-drying. They keep your body dry even during the most strenuous activities, and moreover do not stick to the skin when you are hiking.

Hiking pants from Martini Sportswear

Martini Sportswear shows its quality and designs in their hiking pants made of breathable, sturdy and easy-care material. The waistband smoothly touches the skin of the body and does not rub. Whether you should use short or long pants depends on the actual weather conditions, the vegetation, as well as the level of difficulty and duration of the hike. Very practical are the Martini Sportswear zipper pants, which can be easily transformed and shortened in no time into shorts. They are ideal especially with changeable weather and on long tours. Zipping off the lower legs saves you another garment.

Hiking socks for men and women

Hiking is not only about the right shoes, but also about the matching socks. Martini Sportswear offers flexible functional socks that are ideal for hiking. Breathable and partially reinforced material supports the foot in the shoe and absorbs sweat.

Accessories for hiking

In summer, headgear while hiking is mandatory! Caps and scarves by Martini Sportswear are breathable and protect against a sunstroke. In winter, on the other hand, wear warm hats, headbands and gloves. They protect the body and especially the head from heat loss and make you carve down the slopes like a queen or king. Particularly useful are the tubular clothes from Martini Sportswear, which can be used as a thin scarf and as a bandana for the head.

Here you can find everything for a perfect tour

The complete hiking equipment

If the right clothes are packed for the hike, then that's already half the battle. To make the equipment perfect, you should not forget the following gear:

  • Hiking boots: They ensure a secure and reliable grip, even on slippery surfaces. High-cut shoes that reach to the ankle or above stabilize the foot are especially recommended when you are challenged by difficult hikes on alpine terrain. Lower cut trekking shoes are often used for easy tours.
  • Hiking gaiters: If a hike through thorny shrubs or over sections of snow is planned, it is recommended to pack hiking gaiters. In addition to the hiking pants they protect the calves from injury and moisture.
  • Trekking poles are popular hiking aids. They support the joints and provide additional hold and grip.
  • The heart of the matter on your excursion to the mountains is the hiking backpack. A high-quality backpack that is sure to have a comfortable carrier system, which distributes the weight balanced and thus relieves the shoulders and back.


The ancillary hiking equipment kit comprises a first aid kit, a headlamp, a pocket knife and sufficient food - after all, the view from the top is best enjoyed with a hearty snack.

Hike'n'bike with Martini Sportswear

Actually very trendy: Combine hiking with biking. Martini Sportswear also has the right clothing for this passion and offers ultralight and highly functional shorts, which can be combined with cycling shorts thanks to their specially integrated fasteners.

Extra flexibility with functional clothing from Martini Sportswear

Functional clothing from Martini Sportswear can be worn in any sport due to its outstanding properties. Whether hiking, climbing, mountain biking or skiing. Thanks to the modern cuts and trendy colours, you will not only cut a fine figure in sports. With Martini Sportswear clothes, you are easily dressed in everyday life.

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