Cross country ski clothing from Martini Sportswear

Cross-country skiing has become one of the most popular winter sports in recent years. Relaxed yet sophisticated, always in harmony with the snowy nature. Whoever spends a long time cross country skiing moves virtually every muscle group. This way, you sweat a lot and also can be certain that it does your soul and body good. So it's not surprising that more and more people are heading for the cross-country ski trails.

The right cross-country clothing manages to easily combine both relaxed movement and sweaty activity. Moreover, the garments must cope with frequently changing winter weather conditions. A cross-country outfit from Martini Sportswear fully meets these high demads. Each of these models helps you to be on the right track, both visually and functionally. But see for yourself!

The functional outfit for the trail

The highest demands on cross-country ski clothing

Warm, fast-drying, breathable, moisture-regulating, water-repellent, windproof ... cross-country skiers have high demands of functional clothing. Many of the Martini Sportswear models are also close-fitting so the high-tech materials can perform optimally.

Whether cross-country jacket, cross-country pants, sweaters or accessories: in addition to their multifunctionality, the sports outfits of the Austrian outdoor expert not only perform but also excel with cool styles. So you can head for the trail perfectly prepared.

Keep track with three layers

Cross-country ski clothing based on the onion principle

Do as the onion does and wear your cross-country ski clothing in layers! Layering is about combining different types of clothing - taking into account outside temperatures, weather conditions, sports activities and individual temperature levels. Moisture transport, temperature regulation and protection against the weather: Each functional layer offers a certain main function. Total freedom of movement is certainly important in all situations.

First Layer, Second Layer, Third Layer: From the inside to the outside, Martini Sportswear gets to the bottom of individual functional layers. Here we go!

The base layer: First Layer

First provide a reliable basis! The first step is with functional underwear while the next is all other garments that are worn close to the skin. This includes, socks, long and short underpants, undershirts or functional shirts.

Very important: is the moisture-regulating material. After all, the skin should feel dry even during the most demanding training. The functional shirts from Martini Sportswear are also elastic and soft, which guarantees supremem comfortability. Choose from a wide range, including different heat classes!

Find the golden mean with the: Second Layer

The second layer serves primarily to regulate body heat. Finding the ideal article depends on the intensity of the training and your personal temperature levels. At Martini Sportswear you'll find a diverse selection of functional mid-layers - from lightweight fleece jackets to cross-country vests and extra-warm cross-country sweaters.

Tip: Do you want to know a secret? Clothes with zippers! That's how you can easily and precisely regulate your body climate on your cross-country tour.

The protective layer: Third Layer

The third and outermost layer acts as a kind of protective shield against wind and weather. Therefore the Third Layer, if not wind and waterproof, should be at least wind and water repellent. Martini Sportswear recommends models processed with PrimaLoft® or Polartec® Alpha®. Materials that score high with high thermal performance, breathability and insulation.

Good to know: The Style Guide from Martini Sportswear gives you even more insight in the principle of layering. Learn more now!

Cross country pants for optimal performance

From close fitting tights to casual softshell multisport pants, the product line of cross-country pants at Martini Sportswear is wide-ranging. For aerodynamic reasons professional cross-country skiers usually rely on very close-fitting models during their races. For many, fewer materials also means maximum freedom of movement. When it comes to frosty temperatures and complementary gear, Martini Sportswear offers very useful special insulation skirts and pants.

Accessories as important aspects of cross-country ski clothing

In additional to arms, upper body and legs, your head and hands need to be optimally protected during cross-country skiing. Especially in the sometimes quite harsh weather conditions in winter, accessories made of high-quality functional materials are a must. After all, cross-country ski clothing does not only want to offer fast moisture wicking and high breathability, but also fashionable accessories you can rely on.

Is it very cold and windy on the trail? Then windproof accessories definitely make sense. Facemasks serve as a reliable face shield. Alternatively, you can easily pull tubular clothes over your face.

Complete your equipment for longer tours

Perfectly prepared for the cross-country ski trail

Have you opted for cross-country ski clothing from Martini Sportswear and bought professional equipment and are impationately looking forward to the next tour? Wait a moment! Because the following things should not be missing on long cross-country tours:

  • GPS sports watch, fitness bracelet or fitness tracker to monitor body functions
  • Hydration bottle on the waist belt or hydration pack in the backpack, for sufficient hydration
  • Energy gel and other provisions to replenish the power reserves
  • Emergency wax and emergency tool, for any repairs to the equipment
  • First aid kit, blister plaster or tape for minor injuries
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses on bright cross-country skiing days
  • Mobile phone to make a call in case of emergency
  • Headlamp if visibility deteriorates on the way
  • Small backpack with perfect fit, in which you easily can pack away everything you need

A question of style

What else is there needed besides cross-country ski clothing?

What else do you need for an enjoyable time on the trail after you have opted for your high-quality cross-country ski clothing? Only cross-country skis, cross-country poles and cross-country boots. Martini Sportswear knows what you should keep in mind when buying.

What do you prefer, classic cross-country skiing or rather skating? The classic cross-country skis are certainly longer than skating skis. As such, beginners are often advised to buy so-called Nowax skis. The special outstanding feature of these is definitely the kick zone with fish scale-patterns underneath, which prevents you from slipping while at the same time giving you grip to help climb.

When it comes to the poles, you should check whether they reach in height to the chest for the classic style. However, skating poles should even touch the chin of the cross-country skier. Half-height cross-country boots provide stability on the foot and protected ankles.