Climbing clothes from Martini Sportswear

When the hiking trail ends, the adrenaline rush of every climber increases: Safely secured on the rope, the trail continues in exposed terrain until you reach the summit. And then every muscle and every tendon is required.

Those who climb know that unrestricted freedom of movement is essential in order to conquer a route. Alongside the tour, it definitely is the optimal clothing that makes climbing an unforgettable experience. At the same time, it is the hip colours and cuts that reflect the individuality of every mountain lover.

What exactly makes climbing clothing from Martini Sportswear so special? The smart and harmonious interplay between functional sportswear and style. With its prime materials and colours, it should not be missing in any cupboard.

Clothing for climbing and bouldering

Functional clothing for full physical involvement

Climbing requires stamina and strength - whether indoors or outdoors. The entire body is fully and intensely moving. Stretch materials allow you to fully stretch, twist and bend your arms and legs.

What else is expected from climbing pants and outerwear? They should be breathable, because you will always sweat when climbing. If the moisture is transported away from the body, the clothes remain dry. This keeps you warm in adverse weather conditions and the wearing comfort is still optimal. This is very important, because especially on the mountains, it is not uncommon that the weather changes quickly.

Climbing clothing has a lot to do

High-quality clothing for climbing is characterized first and foremost by its durability. Robust Martini Sportswear climbing clothing with reinforcements on sensible zones  minimizes scratches or wounds caused by abrasion on the climbing wall. Even shocks can be absorbed by the sturdy materials.

In short: Climbing clothing should …

  • be made of durable and sturdy materials.
  • ensure maximum freedom of movement.
  • consist of breathable fabrics.
  • be wind and water repellent.

With Martini Sportswear you always have the right partner on your side when it comes to clothing - also on every climbing adventure!

Ideally equipped in several layers

The onion principle in climbing sports

The choice of clothing for climbing in nature depends on several factors. Weather conditions and the sea level have a significant influence when choosing. Under no circumstances you should leave for your adventures without protective equipment. Insulating clothing, hats and gloves are especially important for multi-day climbing tours - you can even climb at times with sunglasses. The weather on the mountain can change abruptly. As with many other sports, the onion principle also proves itself on climbing tours:

Base layer - the first functional layer

Functional shirts made of quick-drying fabric transport sweat quickly away from the skin and keep the body dry. This ensures high wearing comfort. In summer, climbing shirts without sleeves or short sleeves are ideal.

Midlayer - the second functional layer

The insulation layer warms the body and transports moisture to the outside. Sweaters and hoodies made of functional materials or vests with PrimaLoft® down are ideal for this purpose. Especially on colder days, climbing friends can not do without midlayers.

Shell layer - the third functional layer

The final layer acts as the water and windproof outer shell.  When it comes to third functional layers, climbing enthusiasts always pick soft or hard shell jackets. The jackets score high with reliable protection against wind and weather as well as with breathability and a perfect fit that offers optimal freedom of movement. Another plus: the jackets are extremely durable.

Climbing pants from Martini Sportswear

The climbing pants from Martini Sportswear offer almost unlimited freedom of movement and have an ideal fit. Only high quality materials are processed in the pants. They deliver high wearing comfort and are equally durable. Just like climbing shirts and vests, the climbing pants from Martini Sportswear are breathable and sweat-wicking.

Are you ready for the climbing challenge?

Flexible with climbing clothing from Martini Sportswear

Whether in the climbing gym or outdoors, on rough rock faces in nature or in climbing parks: climbing clothing has to meet many requirements. Thanks to its numerous functional properties, it can be used flexibly. Climbing clothing from Martini Sportswear can also be worn while hiking, running, mountain biking or skiing. Even when exercising less exhausting sports such as yoga you will feel comfortable with this outstanding prime quality clothing.

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