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The perfect running clothes for the mountains and other terrains

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    Are you looking for the perfect running outfit – designed in Austria, made in Europe? Then look no further than the outdoor clothes of Martini Sportswear! They live up to the demands of even the most discerning runners.

    What makes a running outfit perfect?

    Whether it’s for trail running in the mountains, for your daily run in the park or for your next marathon: Passionate runners agree that running clothes need to …

    • … transport sweat away from your skin.
    • … be breathable.
    • … offer maximum freedom of movement.
    • … be super lightweight and comfortable to wear.
    • … support your movement during running.

    The good news: The highly functional women’s and men’s running clothes of Martini Sportswear live up to all of these demands – and more! 

    The perfect running outfit – from head to toe

    Running pants, shorts or tights and a running shirt are the basics of every good running outfit. For maximum functionality and comfort, we also recommend running socks, a running jacket and adequate headwear. Read on to find out about the benefits of Martini Sportswear’s high-tech running clothes!

    Running pants

    Loose fit. No pinching. No annoying seams. Our running pants are comfortable running essentials. Depending on the product, they have a number of benefits:

    • long side zips for ventilation on hot days
    • extra quick drying materials
    • waistband with silicone on the back for optimum fit
    • compression fabric that supports your muscles during running

    What colour should your running outfit be to match your style? Find out in our colour guide.

    Running shirts

    The functional running vests, t-shirts and long-sleeve tops of Martini Sportswear have something in common: They all have an appealing, trendy design, offer maximum wearing comfort and perfect moisture management. In addition, many of our products boast additional benefits:

    • ecological Dri Release fabric: quick-drying and cooling
    • UV protection
    • sustainable Seacell fibre made from seaweed 
    • convenient zips and back pockets

    Get the right size: Find out about the perfect fit of functional and running clothes!

    Running jackets and vests

    High-quality running jackets and vests protect you from wind, rain and cold temperatures. For instance, have a look at our hardshell jackets for summer, our insulated vests and ultra-lightweight wind stoppers or our warm PrimaLoft® jackets.

    Useful details: Many of Martini Sportswear’s jackets boast reflectors or reflective logos. This ensures that you are seen better when running at night.

    Accessories for runners

    It’s the right accessories that take a running outfit from good to perfect. Let’s start at the top – with the right headwear. How about a trendy snapback cap that protects you from the sun? Or a peaked cap to keep a cool head? To fend off the wind and cold weather, we recommend a snugly fitting headband.

    A must-have for ladies: the sports bra. It offers you support without pinching and has cooling mesh inserts.

    Running socks

    We’ve already reached your feet – time to talk about running socks! In order to avoid blisters or bruises, they have to fit perfectly. The functional socks of Martini Sportswear have pad zones and offer ankle support. This gives you extra stability – especially recommended for mountain running!

    What’s more, our running socks quickly absorb sweat and neutralise smells. Talking about smells: We also offer anti-odour sports clothes!

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