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Stop your sports clothes smelling

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    Have you ever wished for outdoor and sports clothes that won’t start smelling when you sweat? You’re not alone! The sweaty smell that sticks to your workout clothes even has a name: permastink. Fortunately, there’s a solution to your smelly problem: anti-odour sports clothes.

    Antibacterial materials

    With Martini Sportswear, sportswear that doesn’t start to smell has long ceased to be a dream. Read on to find out which clever technologies make smelly clothes a thing of the past!

    The problem with synthetic fabrics

    Synthetic fabrics such as polyester are particularly likely to start smelling when you sweat in them. However, this type of fabrics is frequently used in outdoor clothing – for good reasons.


    What makes clothes made from synthetic fabrics so popular:

    • They swiftly transport moisture away from the skin and dry quickly.
    • They are lightweight.
    • They are breathable.

    Solutions for sports clothes that won’t smell

    Fortunately, there are number of technologies that keep functional clothing from smelling. Read on to find out about Martini Sportswear’s anti-odour solutions and about alternatives to synthetic fibres.

    Sanitized: for fewer bacteria & fresh scents

    Many Martini Sportswear items carry the label “Sanitized”. It refers to an innovative, antibacterial finish that prevents or reduces the growth of bacteria in fabrics. Because it’s these little microorganisms that cause the unpleasant smells.

    Thanks to Sanitized …

    • … sports clothes are unlikely to start smelling.
    • … your clothes feel comfortably fresh for longer.
    • … you have to wash your outdoor clothing less frequently.
    • … you can use low-temperature, energy-saving wash cycles.
    • … the product life of your clothes is extended.

    The best thing about it: The protective characteristics of this technology don’t wash out over time. This keeps your sportswear from smelling and you need to wash it less frequently.

    Sofitrust finish against unpleasant smells

    When you see the Sofitrust label on a piece of Martini Sportswear outdoor clothing, you know that permastink doesn’t stand a chance. Why’s that? Because the special Sofitrust finish prevents odour. What’s more, the processed fibre quickly transports sweat away from your skin and offers high wearing comfort.

    TencelTM: antibacterial & sustainable natural fibre

    TencelTM is a natural, sustainable material. The innovative Lyocell fibres are made from wood. Their big advantage: the fibre’s cross section is so smooth that it’s extremely difficult for bacteria to accumulate. In addition, TencelTM has excellent cooling properties and is known for its excellent moisture management.

    Find out more about Martini Sportswear clothes made from wood!

    Did you know? For the production of our outdoor clothes, we also use natural fibres and seaweed. Discover Bio.Style and SeaCellTM!

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