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Packing list for a multi-day hut-to-hut tour

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    It’s time to hike! This year, we have a special tip for all mountain fans: How about a multi-day hut-to-hut tour? Of course, the details are all up to you: How long, how difficult, which huts?

    No matter what kind of tour you go for, we have the perfect packing list for you – and the perfect hiking outfit!

    I pack my backpack and in it I put …

    But let’s start at the beginning! After all, the backpack is just as important as its contents. For a multi-day tour (three to six days), we recommend a hiking backpack with a volume of 28 to 30 litres.

    It’s a good idea to place heavy items at the bottom of your backpack. This results in a kind of leverage effect that straightens your upper body. A hip belt gives you additional lumbar support.

    Our tip: Keep important items like your ID, spare clothes and snacks ready at hand. The same applies to the rain cover of your backpack, which you can pull across your bag to protect the contents from sudden showers.

    Talking about contents: Read on to find out about the “must-packs” for a multi-day hut-to-hut tour …

    Hiking clothes – the basics

    • hiking boots and breathable sports socks
    • functional underwear
    • hiking trousers
    • a functional shirt
    • a warm, space-saving jacket, for instance PrimalLoft® or Polartec® Alpha®
    • a waterproof functional jacket (rain jacket)

    Change of clothes: Whether it’s due to sweat, rain or because you had to wash them: When your hiking clothes are wet, you need a change of clothes. It’s particularly important to change out of your first layer. You can dry your wet outdoor clothing over night at the hut or attach it to the outside of your backpack while hiking.

    Outdoor clothing – some extras

    • a warm sweater, for instance made of fleece
    • water-repellent functional trousers
    • a water-repellent functional jacket or windcheater
    • arm warmers and leg warmers
    • a cap or headband
    • sunglasses
    • a warm hat and gloves

    Here you can find the accessories for men and women!

    Useful hiking and safety equipment

    • trekking poles
    • in case of snow: crampons and gaiters
    • a first-aid kit
    • blister pads and tape
    • sunscreen
    • an outdoor knife and lighter
    • small trash bags
    • a headlamp
    • a fully charged mobile phone and a power bank for recharging
    • a sports watch with GPS
    • your ID or passport (alternatively, a photo of it on your phone or a paper copy)
    • your health insurance card
    • cash (because many mountain huts don’t accept cards)
    • maps (printed maps or digital maps stored offline)

    For spending the night at a hut

    • a sleeping bag liner
    • hut slippers
    • comfortable nightwear
    • a travel towel
    • basic toiletries
    • earplugs for sleeping

    Our tip: Contact the mountain hut in advance to find out if they provide towels, bed sheets etc. The less you need to bring, the better!

    The best snacks for hiking

    Packing food for your hike is also part of your tour planning. Focus on snacks you can eat on the go – a warm meal will be provided at the hut. As for which snacks to pack: We recommend food that’s low in sugars and fats as well long-chain carbohydrates and high-quality vegetable proteins, for instance:

    • cereal bars or energy bars
    • fruit bars (ideally with 100 % fruit and no added sugar)
    • hydrogels (energy packs)
    • nuts
    • dried fruit
    • bananas
    • pumpernickel or wholemeal bread with vegetable spread and low-fat turkey ham
    • bread with jam
    • magnesium
    • plenty of water, depending on the number of open mountain huts and springs along the way

    Things you should not pack in your hiking backpack:

    • perishables that need to be stored in a cool place
    • raw fruit and vegetables, because they are difficult to digest
    • heavy packaging materials such as glass

    Our tip: Eat before you get hungry and drink before you get thirsty! Otherwise, you risk sudden fatigue and “hitting the wall”

    With our packing list, you’re ready for your next hut-to-hut tour. For high-quality hiking clothes made in Austria look no further than Martini Sportswear and our brand-new summer trends for 2021 … By the way: We also offer anti-odour sports clothes – find out more!

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