The ultimate packing list for bike tours

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Hop on your bike and off you go? Not so fast – think about what you will need during your bike tour first! With our packing list – including useful tips on how to pack efficiently – you’ll be less likely to forget important items at home. 

Make your sporting dreams come true

Whether you’re planning a full-day ride or a multi-day trip, with your road bike, gravel bike or mountain bike: There are certain things you should always carry with you. And we have the best tips on how to pack them efficiently.

The right preparation is key – so let’s get started!

The packing list: What should I bring on my bike tour?


• navigation or GPS device 

(or a fully charged smartphone)

• a print-out of your route description or a detailed map

• ID 

(or passport if you will be crossing a border)

• health insurance card

• cash

• UV protection 

Our tip: functional clothing with integrated UV protection by Martini Sportswear

• bike lock

Our recommendation: U-lock, armoured cable lock or chain lock with a key (more secure than combination locks)

In case of emergency

first-aid kit

power bank and cables for charging your smartphone, bike light etc.

spare bike lights 

torch or headlamp

multi-purpose tool

repair kit

cable ties, oil, puncture repair kit, replacement tube, small pump, spare parts

Gear and clothing

• bike helmet

in line with ÖNORM or DIN EN 1078, ideally with vents

• cycling apparel

For instance, Martini Sportwear’s high-quality cycling shirts and shorts for women and men. Don’t forget to pack rainwear and a set of spare clothes!

• cycling shoes 

For instance, sneakers, special road cycling or mountain bike shoes or trekking shoes (Hike’n’Bike ), depending on your riding style.

• cycling gloves

e.g., fingerless cycling gloves with gel inserts – available for women and men from Martini Sportswear

• accessories for cyclists

Typical cycling accessories include arm and leg warmers, as well as headbands and neck tubes. Discover our functional accessories for women and men!  

• cycling glasses 

with 100 % UV protection

• protectors

especially recommended for mountain bike tours

Prepare for all types of weather by dressing in layers! To find out more about dressing in layers, check out our style guide! 

You love cycling just as much as you love hiking? Then the versatile Hike’n’Bike series from our 2022 summer collection might be just the thing for you !

Food & drinks

• snacks

Healthy snacks for all-day energy on the go include bananas, fruit and energy bars, dried fruit, whole-grain bread and hydro gels.

• drinks

Drinking enough fluids during your ride is as least as important as eating the right snacks. We recommend mineral water or electrolyte drinks, ideally inside a hydration bladder (foldable water bottle) for your backpack.

Did you know? What you eat and drink during cycling greatly influences your performance. Find out what to eat during long bike rides  – and why the right snacks are important to avoid “hitting the wall “.

For multi-day trips


Fruit and vegetables plus foods that are rich in carbohydrates and protein, e.g. rice, potatoes, pasta, eggs, lean meat, oat flakes, etc.

camping stove

sleepwear and spare clothes

(functional) underwear

Efficient packing: the best tips for packing your bike bags

When you pack your bike bags, make sure …

… to pack heavy items as low and close to the centre of the bike as possible.

… that the weight is evenly spread across your bike and body.

… that your bike bags sit tight on your bike.

Following these simple rules, your bike will remain agile, and your luggage will stay firmly in place. Make sure that your bike bags are waterproof and take into account their weight and handling when choosing the right bags for your ride: 

• backpack

ideal for short rides with little or light luggage

The advantage: A backpack won’t affect your riding style.

• handlebar bag

suitable for light items you want to keep close to hand, e.g. maps, glasses, UV protection, tissues, first-aid kit

• frame bag

Due to its optimum centre of gravity, this type of bag is great for storing heavy items such as tools or water.

• saddle bag

perfect for medium-weight items with a large volume that you don’t need close to hand, e.g. spare clothes

• classic carrier bags

Provided that your bike has a bike rack, this type of bag offers the most space.

Are you done with your packing? Then it’s time to read up on the best bike tours of the Salzburger Land region  and get some useful tips on planning a mountain bike tour  in our Martini magazine!

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