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Martini products in the focus: STEP FORWARD, our mid-layer jacket for men

Meet STEP FORWARD, the lightweight mid-layer outdoor jacket by Martini Sportswear – the perfect companion for guys who love ski touring and ski mountaineering!

Stop your sports clothes smelling

Have you ever wished for outdoor and sports clothes that won’t start smelling when you sweat? You’re not alone! The sweaty smell that sticks to your workout clothes even has a name: permastink. Fortunately, there’s a solution to your smelly...

Martini & PrimaLoft®: a sustainable outdoor fashion match

The future of the outdoor clothing industry is sustainable – that’s something Martini Sportwear and PrimaLoft® wholeheartedly believe in. This makes the two brands a “perfect match”. A match that paved the way for Martini’s highly...