Martini Sportswear: the 2021 summer trends

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Summer’s just around the corner and we’re all raring to go and explore the blossoming outdoors. What better time to discover the latest outdoor clothing trends? Get ready for the Martini Sportswear 2021 summer collection!

It’s your summer!

Emotional. Unique. Powerful. That’s how you will present yourself in the upcoming summer – with our new collection. It stands for sports, lifestyle and individuality. And embodies the concepts of multifunctionality, cross-styling and ultimate performance. Our outfits are not just highly functional and fashionable – they also set new standards in terms of recycling, sustainability and the quality criteria of “PFC-free” and “Made in Europe”.

Are you ready to make all your small and big outdoor dreams come true? It’s your summer!

A highlight for active women

“Full of joy” is the motto of the latest women’s collection by Martini Sportswear. Its pieces range from fashionable to classic and from sporty to loose-fitting. What all of them have in common is the fact that they are cool, multifunctional and full of power and high performance.

The featured colours include everything from subdued to trendy, sporty and summer fresh. Hike‘n’ Bike, Trail Running, High Mountain Tours, Speed or Leisure – with the summer trend outfits by Martini Sportswear, mountain-loving women can realize their full potential. Get ready, ladies!

Stay cool, guys!

Functionality. Motivation. Performance. These three attributes best describe our men’s summer collection for 2021, which is even more reduced, technical and masculine this year. The collection is all about multifunctionality, giving men extra choice for a multitude of activities.

What all of the items have in common: maximum freedom of movement and masculine cuts that underline the collection’s highlight features. The Martini Sportswear team has created a new colour world for sporty men: “trendy to outdoors”. It includes shades such as “Goji” and “Lime” in combination with sporty and fashionable colours such as “Insignia”, “True Navy” or “Black”. What are you waiting for, guys? Go and get your favourite pieces!


Hike’n’Bike: reinventing sporty multifunctionality

Do you want to wear your outdoor clothes not just during hiking or mountain biking? Redefine your individual demands – with the multifunctional Hike’n’Bike collection by Martini Sportswear. In summer 2021, it is more versatile than ever:   

All details at a glance:

  • innovative and ecological high-tech materials
  • new cuts and material compositions
  • additional technical features such as waterproof inside pockets
  • minimum weight
  • cool prints and stylish designs

Trail’n’Run: the trail running collection for peak performances

The trail running collection of Martini Sportswear is perfect for pushing your limits. It features sporty trousers, fashionable skirts and cool shirts as well as super lightweight jackets, comfortable sports bras and functional accessories.

The Trail’n’Run collection in a nutshell:

  • extra lightweight
  • maximum wearing comfort
  • technically smart
  • made from ecological materials
  • excellent moisture transport
  • impressive climate control features
  • special compression zones 

Accessories: perfect companions for sports and leisure

Are you looking for a personal touch for your individual summer style? Then look no further than the accessories of Martini Sportswear! Discover headbands, hairbands, tube scarves, socks, bike gloves, caps, bags, tank tops and belts – all with maximum functionality, top quality and a refreshing, new design!

For some valuable styling tips, also check out our convenient style guide!

Sustainability first! Have you heard of our ecological materials and technologies? For instance, there‘s Bio.Style, the cotton blend with seaweed, the intelligent T-Dri-01 with TencelTM or Revo.ECO made from recycled polyamide …

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