Martini & PrimaLoft®: a sustainable outdoor fashion match

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The future of the outdoor clothing industry is sustainable – that’s something Martini Sportwear and PrimaLoft® wholeheartedly believe in. This makes the two brands a “perfect match”. A match that paved the way for Martini’s highly functional, insulating outdoor clothing.

Martini & PrimaLoft®: a sustainable fashion match

The future of the fashion industry is sustainable – that’s something Martini Sportwear and PrimaLoft® wholeheartedly believe in. This makes the two brands a “perfect match”. A match that paved the way for Martini’s highly functional, insulating outdoor clothing.

Say yes to responsibly produced outdoor clothing!

Sustainability has always been an important topic for Martini Sportswear: Our clothing is produced in a fair manner in Europe. Thanks to its high quality, it is particularly durable. Wherever possible, we use sustainable raw materials and environmentally friendly fabrics. Plus, we care about transparent partnerships – like that with PrimaLoft®.

We proudly present: PrimaLoft®

The PrimaLoft® brand is a true expert in the field of specialised materials research, having received numerous awards for their work. The technology of the same name is innovative and unique: It keeps millions of plastic bottles from ending up on landfills or in the ocean, and instead recycles them to manufacture clothing – for instance, that of Martini Sportswear.

What is PrimaLoft®?

PrimaLoft® is an artificial and environmentally friendly down alternative. It consists of the finest fibres currently available: They are 50 times thinner than human hair, and one gram of PrimaLoft® insulation has a whopping length of 9,000 metres. Fascinating, right?

Advantages & properties

PrimaLoft® is:

·         sustainable
More than 90 per cent of insulation products have a recycling content of at least 50 per cent. Since 2015, more than 430 million plastic bottles have been recycled.

·         water-resistant
The fibres block out moisture and are particularly fast-drying. Many of the products come with an additional water-repellent PFC-free coating.

·         thermally efficient
Unlike common down products, PrimaLoft® is still warm when wet.

·         lightweight & compact
Thanks to millions of tiny air chambers, the PrimaLoft® garments have a small pack size. What’s more, they weigh very little.

·         breathable
In spite of its dense structure, the material ensures excellent air circulation.

PrimaLoft® and the principles of circular economy

PrimaLoft® and Martini Sportswear seek to reduce waste and to keep reusable materials in the system. This way, no new raw materials are needed, and a closed circuit is created, inside which materials can be recycled endlessly and without quality loss.

Another step in this direction are biodegradable fibres such as PrimaLoft® BioTM: During a chemical process, polyester is broken down into its basic components. Meet the future of sustainability!

PrimaLoft® and responsibility:

As part of their “Relentlessly ResponsibleTM” mission, the company sets new standards in terms of responsibility. This happens in many different ways:

·         Since 2015, carbon emissions have been reduced by 37 per cent – or 16 million kilograms – thanks to the use of recycled polyester fibres.

·         PrimaLoft® products have been keeping warm polar researchers on their expeditions for more than 30 years.

·         54 per cent of all products have been launched during the past five years, underlining the brand’s innovative drive.

·         29 per cent of the company’s products are patented or patent pending.

Go to the PrimaLoft® website for more detailed information on their sustainable insulation material!

Other sustainable materials by Martini Sportswear

·         New: Neo.Eco_2.5
This 2.5-layer material (technology: Pertex® RevolveTM) is an absolute novelty on the outdoor clothing market. It consists of 100 per cent PFC-free, entirely recycled polyester. Its advantages: Neo.Eco_2.5 is extra lightweight, tearproof, waterproof, breathable and reliable – check it out in our new product line for ski touring clothes: Free.Tour.

·         TencelTM: clothing made of wood
This antibacterial, sustainable natural fibre consists of innovative Lyocell fibres obtained from wood. The special thing about it: Owing to the fibre’s sleek cross-section, it is unfavourable for bacterial growth. Another “cool” feature: TencelTM has a cooling effect – also thanks to its excellent moisture management.

·         Bio.Style with SeaCell™: clothing made from seaweed
What do you get when you crush and grind untreated, dried seaweed and incorporate it into cellulose fibres to make garments? Bio.Style mit SeaCellTM, of course – a skin-friendly, breathable material that transfers the beneficial properties of seaweed to the skin!

And that’s not all! Find out more about sustainability at Martini Sportswear, or read up on our materials guide!

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