The brand history of Martini Sportswear

Join us on a journey into the exciting past of the family owned company from the district of Tennengau ! From the ambitious sports trousers tailor to the internationally sought-after expert for outdoor clothing - all backgrounds of the brand at a glance!

On our way to the top

The Martini company history is a  real success story of constant developments. It all started with the pants: In 1958, Martin Hornegger sen. started out with his custom tailoring shop explicitly for sports pants in Annaberg (Salzburg Land). The commitment was pronounced and the focus on quality was unparalleled. Word gets around fast, especially among the elite of the sports world. By the way, today pants are still an essential part of the sporty collections for women, men and children.

Did you know this? To this day, Annaberg in the district of Tennengau is the headquarters of Martini Sportswear. Click here to get to our Martini Shop!

The story of how the Martini Sportswear brand got its name

Shortly after the founding of the tailor shop, the sportswear of Martin Hornegger senior was born and quickly picked up. In the 60s, Martin Hornegger sen. tailored for the first time the jump suits for the Austrian National Team. When, during one of the legendary ski jumping competitions in Bischofshofen, three Austrians occupied the top 3 ranks wearing their Hornegger suits as the audience cheered their victors on, shouting out loudly "Martini, Martini!". The new company name was born.

In the name of further development and innovations

In the late 70s Martini continued its pioneering work with high-quality Jetpants and also entered the ski sports market. The business success of Martini kept constantly growing, new steps were taken and the next generation came up with trend setting innovations in the field of clothing and material technologies.

In 1991, the siblings Lisa Moser-Hornegger and Martin Hornegger took over the company. With them as owners and managing directors new impulses came for the successful advancement of the brand.

Martini Sportswear today

Today Martini Sportswear Austria is an internationally operating modern family owned company that employs around 30 committed specialists. Quality and service is vital for everybody and every day in the Martini team. Martini products persuade with top functionality, coolness, distinctive styling, high quality of materials and unique fabric processing.

Then as now the company is literally at home in Annaberg

From the very start Martini Sportswear Austria operated out of Annaberg in the SalzburgLand. Lisa Moser-Hornegger is responsible for the entire management and the design of the collections, Martin Hornegger for production and quality control. Here at the company headquarters ambitious ideas become a reality, inspirations are captured and visions are realized. And all this happens in the middle of the mountains, where many of our customers feel most comfortable.

Which departments does the company headquarters in the Tennengau have?

The privately owned design studio (workshop), the whole management process, including accounting, marketing, sales, order taking and processing, as well as its own Flagship Store are bundled centrally at the headquarter. Thus, the spirit of Martini remains alive and the "Martini Family" always pushes leading innovations to the market.

We learned and still learn from experience which is the non plus ultra of our company

Martini Sportswear Austria has managed to turn from a small pants tailor to a lifestyle entrepreneur. It is a brand story that is impressive, a true success story. It's not just about durable quality products, it's about the Martini Experience: an attitude towards the zest of life and a passion shared by customers and employees alike.

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