Sportswear for women

Individual, functional and cool sportswear for every season - that's exactly what Martini Sportswear stands for. Whether on the mountains or in the valley, summer or winter: high-quality functional clothing is the keystone to every sporting success. That is why only the best materials are used for the European designed sportswear.

Outdoor lovers should check it out: The highest functionality, the most sophisticated material mix, optimal fit and feminine style are perfectly combined in the Martini Sportwear women's models. See for yourself!


You need jackets only in the winter. Since when! Who knows when you might need protective clothing, like on a balmy summer evening when suddenly a thunderstorm rages? And even at warm temperatures, a cold wind can rise all of the sudden at higher altitudes. With the functional gear of Martini Sportswear you are prepared for all contingencies. Click here to discover the latest ladies' highlights for summer and winter now!


Whether for summer or winter, hiking or skiing, at plus 30 or minus 10 degrees -  at Martini Sportswear, ladies will always find the functional pants they are looking for and for every outdoor adventure. Starting with Hike'n'Bike shorts for warm days up to multi-functional race pants for 100 percent fun on the slopes. Anyone who prefers skirts will not be disappointed when cklicking through the assortment - and this applies in every season.

Shirts & sweaters

From lightweight functional shirts to warm hoodies, the Martini Sportswear outerwear is always the perfect choice. Wearing the various shirts and sweaters active ladies always will cut a fine figure - no matter if on bike tours in the summer or on ski tours in the winter. Are you ready to achieve not only sporty but also fashionable high performance?


Optimal matching accessories not only complete every outfit but they will also provide protection and safety during outdoor activities. It's good to know that Martini Sportswear has not only high-quality functional clothing to offer but also all kinds of chic accessories for ladies in their range. Caps, tube scarves, leg warmers or gloves: ladies love to wear them in the summer and the winter.

Women's outdoor clothing for summer and winter

What technical subtleties can you find in our high-quality functional clothing? For which sports are which ladies' models most suitable? And how does outdoor clothing score in terms of fashion? Read more about the technologies and different activities in summer and winter - or take a look at the style guide of Martini Sportswear! If you want, you can also find out more about the exciting brand history of the Austrian family business.