Sportswear for men

Whether for skiing or mountain climbing, climbing or freeriding, at Martini Sportswear every man will find the right functional clothing for every sport and season. Comfort, multi-functionality and perfect fit are always first priorities for the Austrian outdoor brand. High-quality materials and technologies melt together with casual and fashionable designs to finally create harmonious interaction. See for yourself!


Not always, but when in movement men tend to wear jackets more then ever. Especially if it's cold, windy or wet then a jacket is something that they cannot do without! From the light summer rain to the blizzard or the mild breeze to the whirlwind, Martini Sportswear offers functional outerwear for all weather conditions in its range. By the way: At temperatures below freezing, you can rely on models with PrimaLoft® Gold material.


With Martini Sportswear men have the trousers for every situation and every sport. And of these, the outdoor expert has a large variety to offer in their product line for men. Whether long or short cut, close-fitting  or loose-fitting, for the adventures on ridges or on bike tours: Just click here to get the latest arrivals for the summer and winter!

Shirts & Sweaters

Functional shirts and sweaters are basics for all seasons and for every sporty man. Breathable, heat-insulating, fast-drying, odourless -  the garments have a lot to offer.  In summer and winter, outdoor shirts ensure an optimal body temperature regulation- and are perfect as a base layer, midlayer or simply solo.

Tip: If you want to learn more about the right layering of functional clothing and its principles, then the StyleGuide from Martini Sportswear will provide answers to many questions.


A jacket, a shirt, pants - is there still more? Yes, of course! What is still missing are state-of-the-art accessories for men that harmoniously round off the sporty outfit. Caps, headbands, tube scarves and gloves - depending on the weather and activity, you can add whatever accessories your adventure might demand. Do you fancy to select your favourites for the upcoming season?

Outdoor clothing for men for the summer and winter

What makes Martini Sportswear gear so versatile and unique? In addition to the sophisticated technologies and prime material qualities, the cool brand design make it unbeatable. Be inspired by the Austrian brand to start into various outdoor activities! On top of that, you will learn what the company has to say about sustainability.