Running clothes from Martini Sportswear

It does not take much to start with running. Put on your running outfit, and the paths on your doorstep all of a sudden transform into your own personal gym in nature. No need to explain why running is one of the most popular sports.

Whether you want to achieve a better daily work-life balance, to improve your personal fitness condition or to prepare for a marathon competition,  Martini Sportswear is as flexible as your running habits are. And the right equipment is essential in any case.

With the state-of-the-art running clothes, which are designed in Annaberg, you are always ready and well prepared! Because it is particularly light, scores high with functional properties as well as an excellent wearing comfort and easily adapts to any changing weather conditions.

Advantages of the running clothes from Martini Sportswear

Functional clothing for running

Running without sweating? This is rare. Anyone who wears clothing without functional features is the one who harms himself the most. Especially if the sweat is not transported away from the skin properly and the body therefore loses heat. This   creates not only an unpleasant wearing comfort but you may even catch a cold!

This can not happen to you when wearing functional clothing from Martini Sportswear. The high-quality running shirts, functional pants, tights and running jackets persuade with numerous features:

  • Breathability
  • Sweat is easily transported away from the skin
  • Optimal freedom of movement
  • Muscle support during running and movement

Running shirts for men and women

A prime running shirt is the base of every running outfit. In summer, sleeveless running tops or short-sleeved functional shirts made of synthetic fiber are ideal. Made of breathable materials, they transport perspiration away from the body. At the same time they protect from wind and cold. In winter, functional running shirts with long sleeves make sense. The unique functional material helps not to catch a cold.

In summer, short and loose shorts are much preferred. For those who enjoy a tight fit, short tights made from ultralight functional fabric are recommended. In autumn and winter, three-quarter-length or long, tight tights are ideal for running.

Running jackets and running vests from Martini Sportswear

Those who go running in the autumn of winter all know: good clothes are the nuts and bolts of your success! Running vests and jackets from Martini Sportswear are the best "running partners". Thanks to their functionality, they reliably protect against rain and cold. Likewise, Martini Sportswear offers wind breakers in its product range. But beware of any heat accumulation under the jacket!

As a rule of thumb, if you are slightly freezing in the first few minutes before you start and thus warm up step by step when running, then you can be sure that you are optimally dressed in the cold.

Running socks for men and women

Also not to underestimate the right choice and the optimal fit of the running socks. If they not fit or are too big, they cause wrinkles in the shoe and promote the development of sores and blisters.

Functional socks from Martini Sportswear are ideal for this purpose. They are breathable, absorb the sweat and neutralize the smell. Padded zones and supportive areas on the ankle zones are further advantages that characterize the running socks of Martini Sportswear - not to mention their excellent stability on any surface!

Headgear and gloves for running

Whoever likes running in the summer, should pay attention to the appropriate sun screen. Caps from Martini Sportswear provide shade, shield the UV radiation and are breathable.

In winter, thin hats or headbands protect against heat loss through the head - and your ears will also stay warm. Gloves from Martini Sportswear ensure that your hands do not freeze while running.

Best equipped for the cold season

Running clothes for autumn and winter

While in summertime temperatures a functional shirt and functional pants are quite sufficient when you go running, care must be also taken in winter that the body does not cool down. With unsuitable running clothes you not only risk catching a cold, but also expose yourself to injuries caused by over-cooled muscles.

Over the ankle running socks and warm running tights protect the legs from the cold. For the upper body one ideally uses long sleeves under a running vest or a running jacket. The running jacket itself should be made of functional materials, so that it protects optimally against wind, water and cold. Between the individual layers there are little air cushions that function like thermal buffers. Thanks to the breathability of all layers, sweat is transported from the body to the outside.

In the winter, hats and headbands are the right choice for the head so that the body does not cool down. Beanies and headbands from Martini Sportswear are made of breathable materials, preventing moisture from accumulating in them.

Multifunctional bandanas are best for the neck. At very low temperatures they can also be pulled over the lower part of the face. Gloves from Martini Sportswear protect your hands from cooling down thanks to their thermal insulation function.

Safety through reflectors

If you like running in the evenings or at dusk, you are well-equipped in running clothes from Martini Sportswear. Some products have reflective logos. Additional reflectors also increase your visibility - because you are perceived in traffic and thus are safe on the road.