Freeride ski clothing from Martini Sportswear

Those who like to ski in deep powder snow in winter and enjoy the fresh powder during freeriding definitely need suitable clothing. Do you prefer to be out and about in pristine terrain during the cold season? Take a look at the high-quality freeride ski clothing from Martini Sportswear - and you soon can enjoy winter sports fun to the fullest!

What gear perfectly compliments your high-quality ski jacket and ski pants and transforms it to the optimal freeride outfit? Special ski underwear, functional shirts and sweaters as well as caps or headbands, gloves and warm ski socks.  Appropriate protective clothing such as back protectors and helmets should not be missing on any downhill run !  Ski goggles also provide a clear view - whether in bright sunshine or in a snowstorm.

Are you ready for snow surfing? In addition to the perfect outfit, Martini Sportswear also gives hints and tips for your safety off the slopes.

Let's go deep powder skiing - together with Martini Sportswear!

Feel comfortable in functional freeride clothing

Ski jackets and ski pants do not just have to look good, they also have to offer functionality. While the body is sweating during the ascents and descents, it may be exposed to freezing wind when you need to take a break. Freeride ski clothing must therefore protect the body in many weather conditions during the various freeride phases.

So what's the solution?  Rely on breathable membrane textiles, just like the ones Martini Sportswear uses. Special clothing technologies protect the freerider from wetness, cold and wind. Ideal ski jackets and ski pants also keep the body warm while at the same time guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement. When buying freeride ski clothing, make sure that you can stretch your arms and legs fully in any direction!

With three layers through the powder snow

Outerwear for freeriding

All good things come in threes - even when it comes to functional outerwear for freeriding. Since the temperatures and the weather conditions in mountain areas can quickly change, the so-called onion principle is recommended:

First: Base Layer

The first layer, also known as the Base Layer, sits directly on the body and is often compared to a second skin. It should be hardly perceptible on the skin, consist of quick-drying materials and transport the sweat away from the skin to the outside. Functional shirts and functional underwear with Polartec® Power Stretch® are ideal for this. They regulate the body temperature, prevent excessive moisture accumulation on the skin as well as body odour without loosing the highest level of wearing comfort.

Second: Mid Layer

The second layer serves primarily to regulate body heat. Finding the ideal article depends on the intensity of the training and your personal temperature levels. At Martini Sportswear you'll find a diverse selection of functional mid-layers - from lightweight fleece jackets to vests and extra-warm sweaters.

Third: Shell Layer

The third and outermost functional layer, the so-called shell layer, protects the body from snow, water and wind. In this case, Martini Sportswear focuses primarily on jackets processed with materials such as Pertex® Shield, PrimaLoft® or Polartec® Alpha®. What do all these technologies have in common? They all shine with their water and windproof properties as well as with the best possible breathability while also providing the optimal freedom of movement.

A clear advantage of the three functional layers: Depending on the weather and body temperature, one of the three layers can be easily removed or removed! In the Martini Style Guide you will learn even more about the layering of sportswear.

Freeriding in ski pants with optimal characteristics

The three-layer principle ideally protects the upper body when you are freeriding. To make this work also for the lower extremities, the functional leg protection should be just as breathable, warmth-insulating, water and windproof.

The ski pants for freeriders from Martini Sportswear fulfill all these characteristics: Thanks to Pertex® Shield they are breathable and allow natural air circulation. They protect against moisture, snow and wind and are extremely robust and resistant to abrasion. At the same time they are elastic thanks to Polartec® Power-Stretch®, extremely comfortable to wear and allow for a great deal of freedom of movement.

All about two-piece sports outfits and accessories for freeriding

What outfit should you choose when freeriding in powder snow? If you tend to pick the classic two-piece ski jacket and ski pants, than Martini Sportswear is the right choice for you. In the current collections for men and women you will find for every ski pants a matching functional and chic ski jacket. A large variety of designs, materials and cuts allow for combinations for every taste and every need.

Matching hoodies and accessories like hats and headbands complete the cool look and make heads turn. How about a stylish beanie as a fashion accessory, from ascent to après-ski? Waterproof gloves keep your fingers warm even in deep powder. Reliable companions for unforgettable moments in the snow!

Look and functionality at their best

Freeride ski clothing that meets the highest standards

In additition to their highly functional features, the ski jackets, ski pants, functional shirts and sweaters from Martini Sportswear dazzle with their modern look. After all, in an ideal world, not only the sporty, but also the fashionable flow fits. Eye-catching colours and trendy cuts make the sporty models for men and women real winter essentials.

And the best part is: that with the freeride outfits from the Austrian outdoor expert, you will be more than an eye-catcher when you dive into powder snow! The comfortable clothing is also suitable for every other winter sport. Additionally the models are perfect for everyday use and can reliably protect you against the whims of the weather at any time.

Perfectly protected on the mountain and off-piste

Fully equipped for safe freeriding

How to best protect yourself during the winter season? This requires a high-quality functional outfit from Martini Sportswear: above all, powder snow skiing usually demands more skill and concentration from winter athletes than skiing on the slopes.

That's why the following equipment should not be missing on any descent in open terrain:

  • Wide freeride skis with solid binding, which are designed similar to touring skis
  • Appropriate protective equipment such as helmet, elbow protectors and back protectors
  • If necessary, additional protector pants or protector vests
  • Avalanche backpack with avalanche transceiver(LVS)/probe and shovel
  • A ski goggle for optimal vision in different visibility conditions

Finally, the same applies to freeriding:  Safety first! Martini Sportswear will be happy to give you hints and tips.