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Ski touring equipment: packing list for a day tour

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    I pack my ski touring bag and in it I put … Read on to find out what to bring on your tour!

    Tips on safety equipment & ski touring clothes

    Ski touring is an amazing, adventurous and inspiring sport. However, it also has its risks and dangers. That’s why you should plan every ski tour carefully in advance. In case of an emergency, it can be of vital importance what equipment you brought and what clothes you wear.

    The team of Martini Sportswear has all the answers to the most important questions …

    What equipment do a ski mountaineer need …

    … for a classic day tour in regular terrain with an altitude difference between 1,500 and 2,000 metres (no piste ski touring, no high-alpine or glacier tours)?

    Of course, you always need a basic ski touring set consisting of skis, climbing skins and boots. What’s more, it’s essential what you wear and what you put in your rucksack. That’s why we have compiled a list of clothing and equipment tips for you …

    Packing list for your ski touring rucksack: What do I really need?

    A perfectly packed ski touring rucksack or avalanche backpack can save lives during ski touring. We recommend getting an automatic or manual airbag backpack. When packing your bag, ask yourself the following questions: What do I put where in my rucksack? What do I need during the tour? What do I need ready to hand?

    1. Make sure that your avalanche equipment can easily be reached at all times!
    2. Place heavier items at the bottom, for instance your summit snacks!

    If your rucksack doesn’t have an outside bottle pocket, place your bottle inside at the sides.

    What to put in your rucksack:

    • a fully charged mobile phone
    • avalanche safety equipment: a set consisting of avalanche transceiver, avalanche probe and shovel
    • a first-aid kita lamp for early or late tours
    • sun protection
    • replacement lenses for different weather conditions
    • a multi-purpose tool (pocketknife) for small repairs (e.g. when the catch of your ski touring boot comes loose during your tour)
    • a tape (when there are problems with the skin or to fix a broken stick)
    • a spare set of ski touring clothes (for more details see below)
    • the right snacks to avoid hitting the wall

    Do you know what it means to “hit the wall”? A sudden depletion of stored carbohydrates can result in a sudden drop in energy while doing sports. What can you do to avoid this phenomenon? And what are the perfect snacks for a ski tour? Find out in our article

    Safety tip:

    Always wear your avalanche transceiver close to your upper body and make sure that it is switched on and set to “send”. This is especially important during steeper sections with a higher risk of floe avalanches. The closer you wear the transceiver to your body, the better!

    The perfect clothes for ski touring: What’s important?

    On the one hand, you should choose your ski touring clothes to fit the current weather conditions. On the other hand, you should take into consideration your individual cold sensitivity.

    In wet and muddy weather, your outdoor outfit should be particularly water-resistant. In warmer weather, jackets with ventilation slots come in handy. In cold weather, we recommend padded PrimaLoft® clothes.

    Good to know: With the latest materials by Martini Sportswear you‘re perfectly prepared for any kind of weather!

    Ascent clothes and spare clothes

    During the ascent, you usually wear a basic set of ski touring clothes. Depending on the weather and the difficulty level of your tour, this allows you to take off or put on individual layers as needed. The most important thing is to change out of your sweaty clothes when you reach the summit.

    What’s the perfect layering look for ski touring? Check out our layering tips!

    For the ascent:

    • base layer: breathable functional shirt (“sports vest”)
    • second layer: ascent jacket
    • optional third layer: Hardshell jacket (unlined, water-repellent skin, perfect fpr descent)
    • It’s also a good idea to have an additional windproof jacket at hand.
    • ski touring trousers
    • ordinary, thin ascent gloves (Some gloves have special loops to turn them into mittens.)

    Spare clothes:

    • a set of dry clothes (Particularly important: Change your base layer!)
    • a hardshell jacket for the way down
    • additional gloves (e.g. a pair of thicker, warm gloves)

    Are you all set for your next ski tour? If you still need the right clothes, check out Martini Sportswear’s women’s and men’s functional shirts, jackets, trousers and accessories for ski touring! Discover perfect wearing comfort and freedom of movement and buy outdoor clothes “born in Austria” for your next ski tour!

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