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Martini Sportswear: the story behind the brand

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    Everything started out with a pair of trousers. More precisely, with Martin Hornegger senior opening a made-to-measure tailor’s shop for sports trousers in Annaberg, Salzburg back in 1958. His products: classic men’s ready-made clothing. His tools: one single sewing machine.

    Among other products, he manufactured jump suits for the Austrian ski jumping national team and did contract work for various Austrian sports brands. Eventually, Hornegger also started his own small sports collection.

    Read the full story behind Martini Sportswear – including the origins of the company’s name!

    The advent of HI-Tech Materials

    What used to be unimaginable has become indispensable: Technologies like laser cut, bonded elements and taped seams have revolutionised the processing of garments. Materials have been developed that keep your body warm or cool, while at the same time being highly elastic and breathable. Back in the days, materials like loden, corduroy or fleece were used for the production of clothes, later followed by high-quality stretch fabrics for ski pants.

    The importance of powerstretch trousers for ski touring

    The invention of Powerstretch trousers was the driving force behind the company success of Martini Sportswear. The trousers constituted a new generation of sportswear: sporty and fitted, first available as leggings, later with facings on the front and the well-known reflective trims.

    A perfect product was combined with perfect timing. After all, the trousers were developed at a time when the ski touring sport took its first baby steps. This allowed the brand to accompany the sport from the get-go – up until today.

    Challenges Früher und Heute

    Mit der Zeit haben sich die geschäftlichen Herausforderungen für Martini Sportswear verändert. Schneller, besser, größer! Die größte Challenge von allen besteht darin, auf unseren Werten basierend weiterhin einen bleibenden Eindruck in der Bekleidungsbranche zu hinterlassen.

    Sustainability as a constant companion

    Sustainability has always been an important issue for Martini Sportswear. We place great importance on producing in and Europe as well as on short supply chains, fair working conditions and fair pay. Of course, we also care about transparent business relationships.

    In the past years, we have increased our use of sustainable raw materials such as Tencel, Sorona and wool. Other milestones include the use of recycled fibres and PFC-free clothing.

    Find out more about sustainability at Martini Sportswear!

    Target group: wider and more diverse

    In line with today’s market developments, the target groups have also changed. For instance, the importance of leisure time and the popularity of outdoor sports have grown significantly. Fitness and health play an important role for many people.

    The ski touring segment in particular took off like a rocket. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the sport experienced a real boom in 2020. Consequently, the demand for ski touring clothing by Martini Sportswear has risen too.

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