NEW: 2022 Martini Sportswear summer collection

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Bye-bye, winter – hello, summer! With temperatures gradually rising, it’s time to upgrade your outdoor wardrobe – with Martini Sportswear!

Make your sporting dreams come true

Are you buzzing with anticipation when you think about the upcoming summer? About your sporty goals, dreams and visions? To make your athletic projects a success, you need the right outdoor clothing.

And that’s where the new Martini Sportswear summer collection comes into play. Our motto: We want to make your sporting dreams come true! Take the first step now and discover our new styles! 

New styles – new stories

With our 2022 summer collection, you benefit from a wealth of possibilities. In our new collection, style meets sportiness, functionality meets sustainability, and “classic” Martini meets innovation.

The result: multifunctional women’s and men’s outfits made for high performance. The perfect precondition to write your own success story – whether it’s up in the mountains or down in the valley, whether it’s raining, windy or sunny, whether you’re on your bike or on foot.

Ladylike & casual: Martini Sportswear for women

Ladylike and action-packed. Feminine lines and fruity-fresh summer shades. Clean designs and cool cuts. Sustainable materials – lightweight, comfortable and effective. Our summer looks can be combined in many ways, making them perfect for female sports enthusiasts who know just what they want. Plus, they’re an excellent choice for spontaneous outdoor adventures!

All Jackets & Vests for Woman

Ladylike & casual: Martini Sportswear for women

Cool & masculine: Martini Sportswear for men

Our summer outfits for discerning sports enthusiasts follows the principle: Everything is possible. Sporty, masculine, multifunctional, cool, stylish, high-performance and durable – these are the collection’s main characteristics. It features classic-sporty cuts, muted colours and striking contrasts. It’s time to discover new possibilities!

All Jackets & Vests for Men

Cool & masculine: Martini Sportswear for men

Hike’n’Bike: our collection for sporty all-rounders

You’re a jack of all trades? Then our new Hike’n’Bike collection with its multipurpose formula will be just the thing for you! It allows you to assemble your individual outfit for hiking, cycling and mountain biking. No more either/or choices – now it’s everything or nothing!

The details: top performance, high-tech materials, recycled and sustainable fabrics, practical features, maximum comfort.

Women's Cycling Clothing

Men´s Cycling Clothing

Trail’n’Run: our collection for passionate runners

Trail running is all about overcoming ups and downs. Our Trail’n’Run collection supports you in doing so – with super lightweight, climate-regulating materials, clever details, impressive functionality and extraordinary wearing comfort.

Thanks to the collection’s excellent multifunctionality, there’s no limit to your performance during running. Discover the great variety of Trail’n’Run and conquer the mountains at your own pace!

Women's Running & Trail Running Clothing

Men´s Running & Trail Running Clothing

Accessories that make all the difference

When trying to achieve athletic goals, it’s often the little things that matter most – like the trendy accessories of Martini Sportswear. They are your reliable companions for all kinds of outdoor adventures. Discover bags and gloves for bike tours. Belts, headbands and hairbands that keep everything in place. Socks, caps and buffs that protect you in any kind of weather.

Our accessories boast outstanding materials, functionality, comfort and style. Find the perfect piece for your individual needs!

All Women’s Accessories

All Men´s Accessoires

Are you ready to leave winter behind? Then get your favourite pieces for the 2022 summer in the Martini Sportswear online shop and make your sporting dreams come true!

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