The outdoor material

What is PrimaLoft®?

Primaloft® reminds us very much of the famous and popular goose down and is today (nowadays) indispensable in terms of thermal insulation. Contrary to the natural down, PrimaLoft® is free from animal materials and due to the special impregnation, Primaloft® fibers remain firm and bulky even when wet.

This is, among others, one of the most significant advantages of the PrimaLoft® fabric. So there are no more excuses for outdoor enthusiasts, even in the rain.  

Characteristics of Primaloft®

  • Warmth without Bulk
  • Water Resistant
  • Breathable
  • Packable
  • Lightweight
  • Superior Softness

The Primaloft® fibers are very fine spun so that the synthetic down perfectly follows the body’s shape yet is still breathable and windproof.

The unique Primaloft® technology has an enormous heat storage and an optimal insulation performance. Just as it is the case with natural downs, when used, the synthetic PrimaLoft® fibers form air chambers that are filled with body heat which they release in return - while also protecting from the cold. What makes the synthetic down so special, is that Primaloft® is ultra-light, but keeps you warm even in extreme cold at the same time.

The best protection

The Primaloft® down is, without question, one of the most used materials in the outdoor clothing section. Therefore it cannot be missed anymore at Martini Sportswear. Our jackets and pants are always made of Primaloft® Gold fibers, have perfect moisture management and protect you from the cold during all your outdoor and leisure activities.

Maintenance of PrimaLoft® 

The maintenance of synthetic down is easy and has obvious advantages when compared to the natural down. The material can be safely washed on a gentle washing machine cycle at 30 ° C. In order to keep the clothing in form, you should refrain from spinning but it works perfectly well when shortly dried in the dryer or simply hung out.

The exclusive top material 

At Martini Sportswear we put our focus on the exclusive top material PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation. There are basically three types of Primaloft® fibers: gold, silver and bronze. These three basic types are classified in detail at a later time.

PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation

When you like to be outdoors in cold and rainy weather conditions for a longer period of time and ultimate comfort and best performance are a must – then PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation is the right material for you. PrimaLoft ®Gold Insulation is the most powerful synthetic insulation available on the market right now. The number one fabric has an optimum warmth-weight-ratio, is incredibly compressible and soft as goose down. It has the well known and proven properties such as water-repellency, optimum protection even in wet weather and is very easy to clean. The top fabric for those who seek the best performance without compromising!

Technical Description

PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation is a performance standard for all synthetic insulation fabrics and is the first choice for adventurers who are looking for protection in extreme conditions. The insulation provides the best thermal efficiency currently available on the market. The microfiber technology retains body heat, is water repellent even in wet conditions -  it has a 98 % heat retention. In addition to these unparalleled thermal properties, PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation is breathable, compressible and incredibly soft - the true star product in isolation.

Our PrimaLoft® Products

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