Polartec® Wind Pro®

The perfect material against the wind

What is Polartec® Wind Pro®?

Polartec® was able to create a new fabric composition through a closer knit construction of the fleece structure, which drastically reduces the wind permeability, thus also the wind chill effect and the associated heat loss.

In addition to thermal insulation, comfort and breathability, the synthetic fabric fibers of Polartec® Wind Pro® impress with their ability to repel wind and moisture.

Properties of Polartec® Wind Pro®

  • absolutely windproof
  • water repellent
  • warming and insulating
  • highly breathable
  • minimal packing volume
  • sturdy and durable

This is how Polartec® Wind Pro® works

The material is based on a very compact knit that excells with its absolute windproof characteristics and has at the same time a pliable feel throughout the fabric surface. Polartec® was able to use these fibers to develop a windproof and water repellent, non-laminated membrane that has 4 times more wind resistance than conventional fleece, yet retains 85% of its breathability. Polartec® Wind Pro® is also extremely robust and, for its properties, can be used as both, insulating and outdoor clothing.

The proper care of Polartec® Wind Pro®

The functional textiles of Polartec® are basically very easy to clean. The sewn-in washing label show all important information. However, the manufacturer recommends washing the products at low temperatures and with mild detergents. Extensive spinning and fabric softeners should be avoided.

Why we use Polartec® Wind Pro®

We at Martini Sportswear know that the right protection against wind and weather is essential for outdoor activities of all kinds. With Polartec® Wind Pro® we not only want to protect you from heat loss, but also from strong wind and moisture. Because the high-quality functional material is not only breathable but also water-repellent and also provides warmth, we have processed it in our fashionable garments.

Our Polartec® Wind Pro® clothing of the season 2018

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