Polartec® Power Stretch® & Power Stretch® Pro

A stretchy and robust functional material

What is Polartec® Power Stretch®?

Polartec® developed the Power Stretch® fabrics to refine flexibility during motion and the durability of the base fabrics to solve a well known issue - materials expanding during movement but failing to revert to their original shape due to their lack of tensile strength.

Polartec® therefore uses fibers with better and more robust elasticity, allowing it to develop a stretch construction with a strong base fabric that can withstand the rigors of demanding physical activity.

The properties of Polartec® Power Stretch®

  • close-fitting, durable, bi-elastic stretch fabric guarantees optimal freedom of movement - maximum wearing comfort
  • transports moisture to the outside and keeps the skin dry - high breathability
  • lightwheight
  • robust, abrasion-resistant and durable
  • windproof
  • easy care
  • minimal packing volume

How does Polartec® Power Stretch® work?

The material consists of two fiber components with different properties. Due to its high breathability, the fabric allows water vapor to escape unhindered. Due to the roughened inside, the moisture is immediately absorbed by the ultra-fine microfibres and distributed over a large area on the surface, where it can dry within a very short time - ideal for functional clothing.

How to clean and care Polartec® Power Stretch® properly?

Functional clothing made of Polartec® materials are generally considered to be easy to clean. Nevertheless, we recommend that you read the sewed in care label before every washing. Polartec® fabrics are machine washable at low temperatures, but this should be done without fabric softener.

Why we use Polartec® Power Stretch® fabrics?

We at Martini Sportswear want to provide our customers with versatile sportswear for any weather conditions, so we rely on Polartec® Power Stretch® and Power Stretch® Pro. Due to the maximum freedom of movement the fabrics are perfect for all kinds of sports activities such as skiing, climbing, biking or jogging. The tops such as jackets as well as pants made of Polartec® Power Stretch® material can also be worn as an extra  base or mid-layer or as a warming outer layer depending on the weather. The fabrics are excellent especially for gloves and caps.

Our Polartec® Power Stretch® products of the 2018 season

Go ahead and choose your Martini Sportswear Polartec® Power Stretch® product – try it out for yourself! We have not only jackets and pants in our current collection but also offer caps, headbands and gloves.