Polartec® Alpha®

the active insulation

What is Polartec® Alpha®?

The advanced insulation material Polartec® Alpha® was originally developed for the combat uniforms of the U.S. Special Forces. The breathable insulation of Polartec® Alpha® actively regulates the core body temperature during both dynamic and static activities, eliminating the need to remove and put on extra layers of clothing.

Properties of Polartec® Alpha®

  • warming a lot
  • particularly breathable and permeable to air
  • dries quickly - prevents the loss of body heat
  • low weight and minimal packing volume
  • robust, abrasion resistant and durable
  • easy care
  • water and dirt repellent
  • compressible and versatile
  • antistatic

This is how Polartec® Alpha® works

By placing patented low-density film layers between breathable fabric layers, Polartec® has created a more efficient fabric for the regulation of body heat and moisture transport - an ideal thermal adaptability to changing external conditions and different phases of physical activity.

The highly compressed, breathable fabric thus transports moisture to the outer layer and, at the same time increases the total air exchange accelerating also the quick drying of the material - the body heat is not lost through the active insulation. In addition, Polartec® Alpha® is highly water-repellent and thus maintains its function even in adverse weather conditions.

Martini Sportswear takes advantage of these outstanding features of Polartec® and uses it for the Men's Softshell Active Touring Jacket "Professional" and the Women's Jacket "Avanti" in the 2017/18 Winter Collection, which can be worn as a midlayer or outer jacket.

The right care of Polartec® Alpha®

Polartec® Alpha® has a sturdy core of knit fibers that prevents fibers from migrating when exposed to challenging use or repeated washing - Polartec® fabrics can be washed at low temperatures, in the delicate cycle  and with little detergent. Please always pay attention to the sewn in care labels!

Why we use Polartec® Alpha®

Different phases of outdoor sports activities require breathable and flexible materials that can adapt to all kinds of specific weather conditions - as  Martini Sportswear knows from experience. That's why we rely on the active insulation of Polartec® Alpha® and have created functional products that will not only adapt to you but also to your activities.

Our Polartec® Alpha® products of the 2018 season

Go ahead and choose your Martini Sportswear Polartec® Alpha® Insulation Jacket - ideal as a midlayer or an outer jacket.

All products are available at our Martini shop in Annaberg or at our dealers' premises!