Pertex® shield - 

protection against the elements

What is Pertex® Shield?

Pertex® emerged from the vision of Hamish Hamilton, who developed the idea of ​​a new fabric technology in 1979. Today, the company is the world leader in lightweight technical fabrics that are ideal for outdoor activities. The company continues to focus on innovation and puts strong emphasis on the functionality of  materials and fabric design.

The vision of Pertex® is to protect people effectively against the elements and to make their outdoor activities experiences of the highest class with the highest enjoyment of nature. Only with weather proof sportswear can the enjoyment factor of outdoor experiences can be maximized.

The properties of Pertex® Shield

  • waterproof and water-repellent
  • completely windproof
  • extremely breathable
  • light
  • soft
  • robust
  • compressible - small packing volum
  • powerful, water-repellent finish

Pertex® Shield - how it works

The fabric of the material is a sophisticated outer layer designed for very challenging mountain tours when weight and functionality play a primary role. The versatile, 2-, 2.5- and 3-layer technology combines lightweight fabrics with waterproof, windproof and breathable membranes. On the outermost layer, the durable DWR membrane (durable water repellent membrane) lets rain and snow roll off, thus maintaining breathability. Additionally, the material is pleasent to the touch and is therefore ideal for outdoor clothing.

Some tips for cleaning and care of Pertex® products

Before you wash your cloths you should always take a look at the care label! Due to the porous material structure, gentle detergents without surfactants are best suited for cleaning. Use the gentle cycle at low temperatures, do not use softeners and do not spin but if you do, only slightly. As soon as the water repellent effect is diminished, you can reimpregnate the products.

Why do we use Pertex® fabrics?

We at Martini Sportswear know exactly how functional clothing can be vital to the success of outdoor experiences. Wind and waterproof clothing can make a crucial  difference and is integral to the succuss  or failure of a mountain or bike ride tour  - that's why we rely on the sophisticated technology and know-how of Pertex®. So we can be sure that our customers are perfectly protected against the elements with our Martini Sportswear clothing anytime, anywhere.

Our Pertex® products of the season 2018

Have fun and choose your Martini Sportswear jacket or pants from our current collection and enjoy your outdoor experience!

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