Hike 'n' Bike 

with Martini Sportswear

Functional clothing for mountain biking & hiking

Sportswear from Martini Sportswear is already versatile on its own. It can not only be used for mountain biking, but also for climbing, running, skiing or even yoga. An absolute highlight of our product lines is the special “Hike'n Bike” collection. Enjoy combining the super-light and padded cycling shorts with our unique and highly functional “Hike'n Bike” pants. Thanks to the special inner fastening, the two pants can be put together in no time. Rely on Martini Sportswear to always define you as a fine figure during your “Hike’n Bike” activities!

Clothing for cycling and mountain biking must meet particularly high standards mainly because the body when cycling needs to face always different challenges. Martini Sportswear responds to these challenges with highly functional clothing, which is comfortable to wear and excels with special features. The cuts of our pants and shirts adapt perfectly to the position of the athlete on the bike. With cycling clothing from Martini Sportswear you are ideally equipped for every bike and mountain bike tour.

Special clothing for cycling

Cycling clothes should function effectively. That is why Martini cycling pants, cycling jerseys and cycling jackets score with high-quality and synthetic materials which meet all requirements. They are breathable, fast drying and are nearly weightless.

Cycling shorts

The close-fitting cycling shorts from Martin Sportswear excel with a slightly higher cut waistband for an optimal fit. The padding on the buttocks ensures a comfortable ride even on longer bike tours. Breathable and quick-drying material entirely adapts to your body and gives perfect support during your biking activities.  For ambitious cyclists, Martini Sportswear also has an ergonomically cut race suit to offer.

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Bike jerseys for men and women

The functional jerseys for biking are made of high quality materials. The extremely practical zippered side pocket on the back of the jerseys offer plenty of space for keys, mobile phones, bananas or arm warmers and leg warmers. The absence of side seams and the silicone attached to the inside of the Martini waistband guarantee the highest degree of comfortability.

>> Bike jerseys for women

>> Bike jerseys for men

Cycling jackets and vests 

The lightweight jackets and vests from Martini Sportswear easily fit in every backpack due to their minimal packing volume. They are breathable and excel with durable and robust features. Vests with PrimaLoft© lining are ideal for cycling on colder days as they protect the body optimally in all weather conditions. Thinner wind and rain jackets keep you dry and are also suitable as a top layer. When it comes to cycling and mountain biking, you can also follow the “onion multi-layer principle”, as you do for any other sports activities.

>> Cycling jackets and vests for women

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Cycling gloves from Martini Sportswear

Blisters on the hands? That's not what a sport cyclist wants. High-quality cycling gloves from Martini Sportswear wholly impress thanks to stretch materials that have a perfect fit and offer a high wearing comfort. With their gel inserts on the inside of the gloves, they provide a superior and comfortable grip on bicycle handlebars. Sweat-repellent material prevents the hands from slipping.

>> Cycling gloves for women

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Arm warmers, leg warmers and accessories

Arm and leg warmers are extremely handy for “Hike'n Bike” tours on cooler days. Thanks to their small packing volume they easily fit in every backpack or bike shirt. Chic headbands made of lightweight stretch material protect you from the wind even when used under the bike helmet. 

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