Hiking clothes

from Martini Sportswear

Functional clothing for hiking & mountaineering

Selecting the right hiking clothes for your activities in the mountains depends on several factors. It’s not only the length and the degree of difficulty of the tour that plays an essential role, but also the season, temperature and weather conditions. Especially on multi-day hiking tours and in alpine terrain you should be well prepared for sudden weather changes and able to react quickly.

Martini Sportswear offers functional, comfortable and stylish clothing for every weather condition and every mountain tour! You can rely entirely on high quality workmanship and tailor-made cuts from Martini Sportswear!

Hiking shirts for men and women

Functional hiking shirts are made of extremely lightweight materials that are breathable and quick-drying, so the body keeps dry even during the most strenuous activities while the hiking shirt does not stick to your skin.

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All-weather hiking jackets 

Versatile functional jackets are indispensable on almost on every hike. Hiking jackets from Martini Sportswear are not only breathable, wind and waterproof, but also captivate with features such as numerous pockets for mobile phones, snacks and other gear. Primaloft® hiking jackets also keep the body warm in colder temperatures. The best thing about them is, thanks to the small packing volume, they easily fit in every backpack.

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Hiking pants from Martini Sportswear

Martini Sportswear stands out with hiking pants made of breathable, sturdy and easy-cared for material. Whether you use short or long pants will depend on the weather conditions and the tour you have planned. The Martini Sportswear zipper pants are extremely practical as they can be shortened in no time to shorts. 

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Hiking socks for men and women

Hiking is not only about the right shoe, but also about the right socks. Martini Sportswear offers functional socks that are ideal for hiking while also being flexible for everyday use. Breathable and reinforced material in specific zones supports the foot while in the shoe.

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Accessories for hiking

In summer, headgear while hiking is mandatory! Caps and head scarves from Martini Sportswear are breathable and protect against sunstrokes. In winter, however, one should rely on warm caps, headbands and gloves that protect the body from heat loss. Particularly practical are the tube clothes from Martini Sportswear, which can be used as a thin scarf as well as a head scarf.

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Hike 'n' Bike with Martini Sportswear

Which sport is getting more and more enticing? Tours where hiking and biking are combined. For this Martini Sportswear also has the right clothes: ultralight and highly functional shorts, which can be combined with cycling shorts with a special inner fastening.  

>> Hike'n Bike pants for women

>> Hike'n Bike pants for men

Be versatile with functional clothing from Martini Sportswear

Functional clothing from Martini Sportswear can be worn in any sport due to their versatile characteristics - no matter whether you are hiking, climbing, mountain biking or skiing. Thanks to the modern cuts and the trendy colours of the Martini Sportswear clothes, you will not only cut a fine figure during your sports activities but can also enjoy wearing state-of-the art gear in everyday life.