Climbing clothing

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Clothing for climbing and bouldering

Climbing combines passionate mountain fun with a very challenging sports activity. Climbing stands for lifestyle! Every muscle and tendon of the whole body is used when you exercise in this sport. Unrestricted freedom of movement is essential to successfully conquer every climbing route. Not only the tour itself, but also the optimal clothing makes climbing a true experience.

The right climbing gear meets the requirement of unrestricted freedom of movement and supports the athlete in their ambitions. At the same time, with its outstanding colours and cuts, the gear reflects the individuality and uniqueness of the sportsman/woman who uses it. Climbing gear from Martini Sportswear gives people just what they want and combines functionality with style.

Climbing gear: Functional clothing for total physical commitment 

Climbing demands full power and endurance - indoors as well as outdoors. The entire body is constantly moving and always ready to take action. Stretch materials allow your arms and legs to freely reach, wind, twist or bend. At the same time both pants and outer clothing must be breathable, because you certainly will sweat when climbing. If the moisture is transported to the outside, the clothing itself remains dry and keeps warm in adverse conditions. This is important because weather changes are not uncommon in the mountains.

Climbing clothing has to stand extreme conditions

High-quality clothing for climbing is above all characterized by its durability. Robust climbing clothing from Martini Sportswear also minimizes scratches or wounds caused by abrasion on the climbing wall. Even impacts can be dampened by the robust materials.

In short: Climbing gear should...

  • ... be made of durable and strong materials.
  • ... guarantee maximum freedom of movement.
  • ... be made of breathable fabric.
  • ... be wind and water repellent.

The “onion multi-layer principle” in climbing sport

Selecting the right clothes for climbing outdoors in nature, always depends on several factors. In the outdoors, weather conditions and the altitude exert a major influence. In any case, do not leave without protective clothing in your backpack. If you are leaving on your tours for several days, then insulating clothing, caps and gloves play even a more important role. If you can climb with sunglasses and a shirt during the day that does not mean that the weather will be the same on the evening. As with many other sports, the “onion multi-layer principle” also makes sense with climbing:

Baselayer - Functional layer No. 1

A functional shirt made of quick-drying fabric can transport sweat to the outside and also keeps your body dry. This consequently ensures a high wearing comfort.

>> Functional shirts for women

>> Functional shirts for men

Midlayer - Functional layer No. 2

The insulation-layer warms the body and equally transports moisture to the outside. Sweaters and hoodies are ideal for this, as are vests with Primaloft® down.

>> Sweaters for women | >> Vests for women

>> Sweaters for men | >> Vests for men

Shell layer - Functional layer No. 3

The outer layer acts as a water- and windproof outer shell. So soft or hard-shell jackets are very likely used. The jackets also captivate with excellent breathability and freedom of movement.

>> Jackets for women

>> Jackets for men

Function pants for climbing 

Climbing pants excel with their unrestricted freedom of movement and a perfect fit. For the pants, Martini Sportswear uses only high-quality materials, which score with the best wearing comfort. Just like the climbing shirts and vests, the Martini climbing pants are extremely breathable and transparent sweat absorbing.

>> Pants for women

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Be versatile with climbing gear from Martini Sportswear

Whether in the climbing gym or outdoors, on rough rock faces in nature or in climbing parks, your climbing gear must meet all requirements. Thanks to its many functional properties, the Martini Sportswear climbing gear can therefore be used in a versatile way. You can use it while hiking, running, mountain biking or skiing. Even if you practice less strenuous sports like yoga, you always will feel comfortable with your prime functional clothing.