That's what Martini Sportswear stands for

A company can be compared with mountain sports in a way, that's what Martini Sportswear is sure about. Why ? Not only the alpinist, but also every single employee of the company must be able to rely on his colleagues in every situation. Especially when it comes to being strong and successful, then  team spirit is requested and definitely essential. Since the beginning the in the Tennengau based family business always was of this opinion - and therefore the outdoor specialist is proud of its team, which is 100 percent reliable.

Would you like to know for what values ​​Martini Sportswear also stands for? How can you define the Martini-spirit and who exactly are the people behind the functional clothing? It's time to see behind the curtain and gain an exciting insight into our corporate philosophy!

Sport fashion - Only the best for the best

Every day at Martini Sportswear Austria is special ! Why ? Because we know that  out there in the world, many people are wearing pieces of our collections on their journeys to sporty success. That's exactly why every employee is giving his best every day. Our team is therefore developping  products that take the outdoor experience to a maximum and bring special zest of life. Are you also ready to do your best together with Martini Sportswear?

High-tech functional clothing in Martini Sportswear design

High-tech outdoor clothing, sporty individuality as well as the ideal combination of style and performance -  Martini Sportswear offers all that to women, men and children in the highest quality. With the collections, sport is visually and functionally upgraded, and this in summer as well as in winter. The guideline is always the optimum as we focus on reliable experiences which are provided of well-known professionals.

Speaking of professionals - Just take a brief look at our Martini Speed ​​Team!

Sportswear that is constantly evolving

At Martini Sportswear, we push ourselves to extremes, in order to always advance our know-how in practice. The persueing result is sports fashion, which more and more establishes an excellent reputation through smart material quality, fabric processing and design. Diversity and inventiveness, commitment and making it a reality characterize the production of each individual collection.

How did it all start? Find out what makes Martini Sportswear so special since it was founded in 1958. A short glance to our brand history is really worth it, we promise! The same applies to a visit to the Martini Shop in Annaberg.

Outdoor clothing "Made in Europe"

It is produced in Europe, with partners who think just like us. The products of Martini Sportswear contain more than know-how and experience. There is vivid life in it and long-time experience. Zest of life and passion, self-confidence and the feeling of happiness. Anyone who wears Martini Sportswear experiences smart prime quality made in Europe....and equally shows his passion for sport - no matter where goes and what he does.

Are you getting curious now? The topic of sustainability is firmly anchored in our everyday business life - just as much as the unique Martini Experience - see for yourself!

Our big "Martini Family"

At Martini Sportswear, we define ourselves as one big family - not only internally but externally, when it comes to our customers. The focus is above all on appreciative cooperation and a respectful, familial approach - with dealers and suppliers as well as with all customers who value Martini Sportswear as much as we do.

The people behind the equipment

As a quick reminder, even if you are traveling alone as an alpinist, you have to be able to rely on someone. And among other things, these are also the people behind the sporting equipment. Alpine mountain sports is always a team sport. The same applies to our company: we are successful only as a team. And of this we are extremely proud at Martini Sportswear ...

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