Sustainability at Martini Sportswear

European manufacturing, outstanding product quality and environmentally friendly materials - sustainability is an essential part of Martini Sportswear's corporate strategy.

Find out more about how this principle is anchored in the mission and vision of the Austrian outdoor expert ...

Durable sports fashion made in Europe

Sustainability instead of cheap fast fashion - following this motto, Martini Sportswear approaches the topic of sportswear as sustainably as possible. An important aspect is the location where the ideas and products emerge. The combination of Austrian design and European production in the Tennengau family business guarantees optimal results.

The ideas originate at the Martini headquarter in Annaberg. The implementation then takes place through the European partners of our trust. What comes out of this excites customers worldwide - fair and sustainably produced fashion from Europe, which not only looks good, but also works flawlessly.

Material quality as a benchmark for sustainability

Another important aspect is the durability of Martini Sportswear products. Because the principle applies: the more durable, the more environmentally friendly. To increase the durability of our outdoor clothing, only high quality materials and manufacturing processes are used. More recently, particularly environmentally friendly materials such as wood or algae are tested. But see for yourself!

PrimaLoft® as a sustainability model

What mission drives us at Martini Sportswear? Working with technologies that are as sustainable as possible - and among them, PrimaLoft® is considered as a pioneer and role model. It has been a long time now, that the manufacturer of the artificial down alternative is committed to environmentally friendly action.

Sustainable product ranges are developed, thus reducing the negative environmental impact. Only recently has the company made a breakthrough: a sustainable high-performance insulation that consists of 100% recycled materials.

By the way, by 2020, 90 percent of all insulation products are to be made from materials that have a recycling share of at least 50 percent - still maintaining the same insulation performance, of course. A path Martini Sportswear eagerly likes to tread together. More about our pioneering technologies you can find here!


Wood - The sustainable fiber of the future

Sportswear made of wood? Yes, you read that right - this plant-based raw material is processed into functional fashion at Martini Sportswear. For this, the outdoor expert from Tennengau in Salzburg uses the Lyocell fibers of the TENCEL™ brand. The fibers are obtained from wood and are considered the most environmentally friendly among the viscose fibers.

The solvent used in the processing cycle is recycled to almost 100 percent. A special feature that makes TENCEL™ the fiber of the future - and has gained the European Business Award for the Environment.

Another ecological advantage - The wood from which the fibers are extracted originates from sustainably designed treatments. This means that only forest areas that are not suitable for forestry are cleared. By the way, TENCEL™ cools more than linen and is softer than silk and more absorbent than cotton. A real natural talent among the materials!

... and the development continues

At Martini Sportswear, the signs point to continuous development - always keeping an eye on the well-being of the environment. That's why our team is currently also working on other natural alternatives, such as SEACELL™ fibers derived from marine algae - naturally in a sustainable and gentle manner. We at Martini Sportswear will keep you up to date about our new scientific achievements in our magazine.


More about the values ​​of Martini Sportswear

To pursue an efficient sustainability strategy is just one of our principles at Martini Sportswear. Who is getting curious now? Here you can find our more about the corporate philosophy and the incomparable Martini Experience!


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