Martini Sportswear Austria

What does Martini Sportswear stand for? Which philosophy and values ​​characterize the brand? Which people are behind the family business from Annaberg? These and many other questions will be aswered. Embark on a sporty journey and find out about the team and the topic sustainability as well as the the brand history up to the Martini Shop in Annaberg. Here you go!

That's what is behind Martini Sportswear

At Martini Sportswear, we usually compare the company with mountain sports. Like the alpinist, the employee must be able to rely on his environment. Only together as a team can individuals be strong and successful. This is what the outdoor expert with roots in the SalzburgLand realized already in the beginning. Martini Sportswear is proud to be able to rely 100 percent on its team.

Sports enthusiasts behind the gear - this and much more defines Martini Sportswear. Learn more about it!

Sustainability is high on the agenda of the traditional company from the Tennegau district

Designed in Austria, Made in Europe - Martini Sportswear focuses on the shortest possible production flow and regionality. The smooth handling of advanced clothing technologies and natural materials characterizes the sustainable way of working as well. What does this mean in detail and how is the topic of sustainability integrated into everyday business? Click here to get more information!

The history of the Martini Sportswear brand

It was a big step for Martin Hornegger Senior when he started his own trousers-tailoring business in 1958 in the Tennengau SalzburgLand. And the progression to an internationally successful premium company for functional sportswear was an very exciting one. Which milestones and developments mark the path of Martini Sportswear Austria? Click here and read more about the exciting brand history!

Our Martini shop in Annaberg

You do not just want to read about the brand, but like to see and try our outdoor clothing, don't you ? Then the headquarters of Martini Sportswear in Annaberg is the right place to go. Additionally to the current collections, which are sold in the Martini Shop, our outlet also offers discontinued models, collection items and individual pieces at special prices. Here you can find all information about contact and opening times at a glance!

A reliable partner for optimal performance

"Our best is based on the optimum" and as Martini Sportswear always follows this motto, our wearers can rely on outstanding product quality. Being a modern sportswear manufacturer, the Austrian premium brand makes all outdoor experience to mere joy. Not only the sports enthusiastic end consumers, but also many above all satisfied dealers therefore trust us.

What's new at Martini Sportswear? Take a look at current news, events and trade fair dates!

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