Polartec® Power-Stretch® and Power-Stretch® Pro

Take a big step to climb the next rock. Extend your arm to reach the climbing grip. Stretch your limbs to prepare for running. Athletes need clothing which is able to cope with every single movement and does not restrict them in any kind of way.

Polartec® developed the Power-Stretch® fabrics for exactly this purpose: more freedom of movement. Polartec® uses fibers that provide enormous elasticity and are extremely robust - a complex stretch composition whose high-performance base fabric meets the demands of intense physical activity.

Stretchy and robust functional material

What is Polartec® Power-Stretch®?

Polartec® Power-Stretch® and Polartec® Power-Stretch Pro® are made from synthetic fiber components. The special feature of the fabric is that it can be bent and stretched in every direction, but always takes its original shape again. As a close-fitting stretch fabric with low weight, the material persuades above all as a base layer or mid layer.

Features of Polartec® Power-Stretch®

  • close-fitting and durable - bi-elastic stretch fabric guarantees for an optimal freedom of movement
  • always takes it original shape again
  • maximum wearing comfort
  • transports moisture quickly to the outsideand keeps your skin dry
  • high breathability
  • fast drying
  • light
  • robust, abrasion-resistant and durable
  • wind resistant
  • easy care
  • minimal packing volume
The dimensionally stable stretch material

How does Polartec® Power-Stretch® work?

The lightweight fabric consists of two fiber components with different properties. Thanks to its high breathability, Polartec® Power-Stretch® allows water vapour to escape unhindered. The micro-fine micro-fibers of the roughened inside absorb the moisture and distribute it over a large area on the surface. It dries within a very short time and thus protects the body from moisture - ideal for functional clothing.

The outer layer of Polartec® Power-Stretch® is durable, abrasion-resistant and wind-repellent. The functional fabric is stretchable in all directions, but at the same time stay in shape. So the material guarantees optimal freedom of movement and highest wearing comfort during every sportive activity.

 The variant Polartec® Power-Stretch Pro® also has a reinforced nylon outer surface. This improves the abrasion resistance of the fabric even more.

Maintaining Polartec® Power Stretch® properly

Functional clothing with Polartec® materials is usually considered easy to clean. Martini Sportswear nevertheless recommends reading the sewn-in care label before washing. Among other things, it indicates whether the functional clothing can be dried in the dryer, or better should be hung up for drying.

Polartec® fabrics are machine washable at low temperatures and with liquid detergents. Fabric softener should be omitted so as not to damage the fabric structures.

Maximum freedom movement becomes one with a quality brand

Why does Martini Sportswear trust Polartec® Power-Stretch® fabrics?

Martini Sportswear offers versatile sportsgear for all weather conditions. That's why the quality brand from Salzburg relies on Polartec® Power-Stretch® and Power-Stretch® Pro. The fabrics are suitable for all kinds of sports activities, as they allow for maximum freedom of movement - while skiing, ski touring, climbing, biking, hiking and running.

Upper wear made of high-quality Polartec® Power-Stretch® material such as shirts and jackets, but also pants are ideal to be used as a base or mid layer. Depending on the weather, functional clothing is also optimal as a warming outer layer. Due to its functional properties, Martini Sportswear likes to process the materials in gloves, tubular cloths, caps and headbands.

Out and about with Polartec® Power-Stretch®

Whether running or hiking on warm summer days, climbing in the hall or outdoors, cross-country skiing or skiing in winter,  the First Layer of clothing is always the most important one - because it is often the only layer of clothing worn in the summer. It not only has to be comfortable to wear but also breathable and support the muscels with every movement. With Polartec® Power-Stretch® fabrics you have got a top combination of all these highly functional properties.

Functional clothing for every movement

Martini Sportswear products with Polartec® Power-Stretch®

Click here to pick your favourite Martini Sportswear Polartec® Power-Stretch® product! In addition to functional jackets and pants, the current collection also offers accessories such as hats, headbandss and gloves.