Polartec® Alpha® - the active insulation

The advanced insulation material Polartec® Alpha® was originally developed for the combat uniforms of the U.S. Special Forces. With the background to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations.

And indeed: The breathable insulation effect of Polartec® Alpha® is enormous! It actively regulates core body temperature in both dynamic and static movements. Thus, the material makes the dressing and undressing of additional layers of clothing redundants in many cases.

The features and advantages of Polartec® Alpha®

  • strongly warming
  • particularly breathable and permeable to air
  • dries quickly - prevents the loss of body heat
  • low weight and minimum packing volume
  • hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant and durable
  • easy care
  • water and dirt repellent
  • compressible and versatile use
  • antistatic
What is Polartec® Alpha®?

This is how Polartec® Alpha® works.

The highly compressed, breathable material releases moisture to the surface, while increasing the overall air exchange and thus promoting the drying of the material. Thanks to active insulation, body heat is not lost. In addition, Polartec® Alpha® is highly water-repellent and maintains its functionality even in adverse weather conditions.

The principle of Polartec® Alpha® in practice

Especially in sports where physically strenuous phases alternate with relaxation and rest periods, the Polartec® Alpha® functional clothing is ideally suited. The athlete sweats and still needs a good thermal protection, so that the coldness does not freeze the sweat and thus cool the body. Likewise, the body must be saved from heat loss in the breaks.

Polartec® Alpha® definitely meets this technical requirement with its optimum thermal body heat balance: during strenous activities, the high-tech material protects the body from overheating without, however, storing too much moisture. At the same time, it prevents sudden body cooling.

Unbeatable during performance-intensive activities

Sporty and active with Polartec® Alpha®

Martini Sportswear uses the positive properties of Polartec® Alpha® fibers, especially for softshell active touring jackets. These can be worn as a midlayer or as an outer jacket and are ideal for performance-intensive sports activities such as ski touring, cross-country skiing, climbing or hiking.

A central mesh fabric supports the airflow  and the high-tech Polartec® Alpha® material stores jonly little heat - a big advantage during strenuous physical activities as th material prevents overheating of the body.

If you need efficient thermal storage when it comes to sports outfits, it is best to use clothing processed with PrimaLoft ® or Polartec® Thermal Pro®. These materials protect the body from the cold and store the released heat.

Especially for activities in colder seasons, Polartec® Alpha® functional clothing is unbeatable in combination with PrimaLoft® or Polartec® Thermal Pro®. With a heat-storing vest, jacket or hoodie as a midlayer and a Polartec® Alpha® jacket as a Third Layer, athletes are always reliably protected from wind, rain and cold.

Would you like to know more about the layering principle? Martini Sportswear not only explains the well-proven onion principle, but also gives useful tips for the practice.

How to wash Polartec® Alpha® functional clothing?

The right care for Polartec® Alpha®

Basically, functional clothing should rarely be washed in the washing machine. Individual stains can be wiped off the water and dirt repellent Polartec® Alpha® surface with a simple cloth. If that does not help, it's the turn of the washing machine.

Polartec® Alpha® has a sturdy core of knit fibers that prevents the fibers from slipping when subjected to heavy or repeated washing. Polartec® fabrics can be washed at low temperatures and gentle cycle.

Tip: Use as little (liquid) detergent as possible and do not use softeners.

Also read the care labels sewn in the clothing. On them is noted whether the garment is suitable for the dryer or better should be hung up to dry.

Why does Martini Sportswear process Polartec® Alpha® in its clothing?

Many outdoor sports activities go through different phases with varying intensity and therefore require outfits made of breathable and flexible materials that can adapt to the conditions - the outdoor clothing professionals of Martini Sportswear also know that. Therefore, the quality brand relies on the active isolation of Polartec® Alpha® and creates functional clothing that adapts not only to the body but also to the activities.

Power equipment against wind and weather

Polartec® Alpha® functional clothing

Pick your favourite Polartec® Alpha® insulation jacket from our current Martini Sportswear collection  - ideally as a midlayer or as an outer jacket!