Technologies and trends for functional clothing

Flexibility, reliability and durability these are features that make the functional clothing of the outdoor brand Martini Sportswear persuasive. The traditional company from SalzburgLand strives at all times to ensure a selected mix of prime materials and state-of-the-art technologies for all garments. PrimaLoft®, Pertex® Shield or the Polartec® fabrics - all of them are known for their outstanding properties.

Whether hiking pants, functional underwear, ski jackets or caps - the products of the quality brand not only score high with the chic Martini Style but also are weatherproof, durable, easy-care, breathable, flexible and multifunctional. Ideal for sports activities of all kinds - in all weather conditions, in summer and winter, on the mountains and in the valley.

We rely on only the most advanced technologies

Functional outdoor clothing with style

Whether skiing, cross-country skiing, climbing or hiking - all outdoor sports have one thing in common: sports enthusiasts usually sweat and are exposed to both wind and weather. For unclouded sports and leisure fun in nature, functional outfits are therefore the heart of the matter. And so Martini Sportswear offers high-quality functional clothing for all kinds of sports while not losing sight of neither the advances in technology nor the latest fashion trends of the world.

Thanks to their excellent properties, the functional garments transport sweat away from the skin, dry quickly and protect the body from the whims of nature. In addition, the robust fabrics are absolutely easy care. So that's for sure:  outdoor and everyday adventures are twice as fun.

And what is it on what you can always rely on? With the stylish products from Martini Sportswear you sure will turn heads everywhere!

Martini Sportswear combines innovation with sustainability

The quality brand from Tennengau in Salzburg attaches great importance to sustainability. This is evident in the selection of the individual materials and in dealing with the most innovative technologies.

The topic of innovation also plays an important role in the field of outdoor clothing - after all, new trends and advanced technologies are developed almost every day. With Martini Sportswear, you wear functional clothing of a traditional brand on whose  excellent quality you can always rely on.