Put Layer Over Layer: Layering with Martini Sportswear

Smart dressed with the onion principle

Has it ever happened to you that you were freezing under a thick jacket on your ski tours? Or when you were walking in the spring, did you notice unpleasant moisture on the skin? Especially during sports activities and when efficiency is demanded, it is important to being able to rely on the functionality of the clothing. So sweat or goose bumps can be avoided.

The solution to all that is a simple and effective onion principle, also called layering. What is that? This means that the clothes are worn in coordinated layers. The layers must form an unity and interwork with each other so to speak. Only then is a perfect air circulation between the body and the individual layers possible and the sweat can be optimally transported to the outside.

How exactly does layering work?

The objectives of the layering look are not only optimal wearing comfort, but also a fine interplay and performance of the individual layers. What you wear on the body, should ideally warm in cold weather conditions, cool you down when in movement and activities and protect you depending on the weather conditions from wind, rain or snow.

The functional clothing is always to be considered as a holistic system. Each individual situation fulfills a special task. If a layer is missing or the wrong material is used, it can not fully meet the performance.

A cotton T-shirt, for example, does not wick moisture away, but stores it. This makes the shirt wet and heavy, and it dries slowly. The layers and materials which are useful and perfect for outdoor activities you can find here!

With these layers you are always perfectly dressed

Classically, the onion principle distinguishes between three layers: the First Layer, the Second Layer and the Third Layer. Each layer has a different function. This does not mean, however, that you always wear three pieces of clothing on your body. In summer temperatures, it is usually sufficient to wear two layers on top of each other. In winter, more than three layers might be necessary. How much clothing you should wear following the layering principle, will always depend on the weather conditions.

First Layer - Integrated drying function

The First Layer, also called Base Layer, lies directly on the skin. What's its purpuse ? It transports sweat away from body and releases it to the outside. This avoids wetness and down cooling of the body. The base layer regulates temperature, moisture and odour and provides comfort for any type of physical activity.

Suitable material: e.g. Polartec® Power-Stretch®. With the close-fitting, durable and bi-elastic fabric you immediately will be aware (notice/feel) of the unique wearing comfort. Another plus is the fabric's high breathability. Excess moisture on the body is transported quickly to the outside. The skin stays dry. The stretchy and durable functional material is ideal for any outdoor activity.

Second Layer - Active isolation

The thermal layer or mid layer primarily serves as an insulation shield against the cold and can consist of several layers. Only highly functional materials are used which, depending on the weather, temperature and activity, provide the body with sufficient warmth. The mid layer also functions as a moisture buffer.

Suitable material: e.g. Polartec® Alpha®. The highly compressed and breathable fabric has ideal thermal adaptability. It is very warm and dries quickly. If you prefer more warmth, it's best to use the combined Primaloft® jackets from Martini Sportswear as a second layer.

Third Layer - Protection from wind and weather

The Third Layer is assigned the role of the weather-resistant layer within the layered clothing. It effectively protects from wind, water and snow. Neither moisture nor coldness should penetrate the body. Whether for everyday activities, cross-country skiing or hiking in the high mountains - the choice of the third layer is always based on the respective field of application (use).

Suitable material: e.g. Primaloft fabric. The "artificial down" is a synthetic material that scores high with several advantages: It is ultra-light, breathable, moisture-repellent, keeps you warm and is therefore ideally suited as a Third Layer.

Pertex® Shield as well - a lightweight, robust and technically advanced outer fabric that scores high with excellent breathability and water/windproof quality - is almost indispensable in the jackets and pants from Martini Sportswear.