Colour Primer: Martini Sportswear and colours

What should you consider when choosing the colour of a garment? In fact a lot! It depends on where, when and in which combination they are used. Certain colours even allow conclusions about the character, at least that's what others say ...

With the colour primer from Martini Sportswear, you embark on an exciting journey into the broad spectrum of the colour world.


A dark blue radiates confidence, security and peace. It stands for balance, loyalty and stability. If you like it striking and extravagant, use Royal blue or a strong mid blue.


Reliability, modesty, compassion and social competence are associations that evokes the colour green. The combination of certain shades of green with black symbolizes power and authority. Not to forget: green is the colour of hope.


The colour yellow stands for optimism, cheerfulness, humor and zest for life. Especially with this colour, however, the theories regarding symbolic effect and meaning are very contradictory.


Power, dominance and assertiveness, self-confidence and creativity: who wears red clothes knows what they want and how to get it. Like no other colour, red has a strong signal effect - and is also the colour of love.


Joie de vivre, dynamism and power - the colour orange helps on dreary autumn days over the absence of the sun. It urges to always give the best. A muted orange embodies warmth and compassion.


In the colour purple, blue meets red, male female and water fire. Contrast is united. As a result, wearers of this colour are often perceived as tense and uneasy or even energetic.


Natural and down to earth seems to be who wears the colour brown. Dark brown has something mysterious and profound about it. Whatever brown tone is chosen -  brown is always associated with a sense of security.


The colour white is said to symbolize purity, freshness and innocence in Europe. Even winter, ice and snow are familiar associations. White gives power, strengthens and calms, but at the same time also awakens the inner ambition.


Gray as a mixture of black and white symbolizes caution and restraint. It's not about being the center of attention, but being deliberately in the background. Gray is also the colour of wisdom, respectability, maturity and intelligence.


Strictly speaking, black is not a colour but the absence of colour. Nevertheless or just because of that black clothing is one of the absolute classics. Dominance, ambition, individuality, coolness and mystery: all this and more symbolizes black.

By the way, women are generally more courageous and open than men - at least when it comes to showing one's colours. Exceptions confirm the rules.

Camouflage colours versus signal colours

Better to show restraint and be discreet or make heads turn? Both is possible when you wear Martini Sportswear:

  • Camouflage colours are natural tones that occur, for example, in the colour spectrum of earth, woods or grasses in nature, ie especially brown and green tones.
  • Signal colours are characterized by a contrast effect, whereby they stand out strongly from the environment or background, as is the case with red, yellow or orange.

Summer colours versus winter colours

The summer is usually warm, the winter cold - similar applies to the colours:

  • Warm colours are all those that are yellowish in colour and give the viewer an impression of warmth, including green, yellow, orange, brown and red.
  • Cold colours, on the other hand, are bluish and cause a feeling of coldness, which applies to pink, purple and blue.
  • Transition colours are green and red, which are perceived as warm or cold depending on the amount of blue or yellow.

Good to know: Cold and warm tones are not synonymous with summer and winter colours. This is more a matter of personal style and current trends than a matter of season.

Possible combinations: Contrasts versus tone on tone

In addition to the colours themselves, the combination options are manifold. Try one of the four following variations:

  • Complementary colours: green and red, light green and pink, orange and dark blue...
  • Contrasts: Two-tone models and eye-catching jackets always match simple pants and vice versa
  • Tone on tone: either in a a striking colour or in the same pattern
  • Black and white: as a timeless classic

More about current fashion trends and stylish colours can you find in our Martini Sportswear Magazine. The Style Guide offers many more tips and tricks for a voguish look of sustainable sports clothing.