The Martini Sportswear Style Guide

What is Layering? Which is the ideal fit for my shape? Which functions and materials are essential and when can they be used? What should you pay attention to when you are choosing colours? Questions about questions that are answered in the Style Guide of Martini Sportswear.

One thing is certain: With the many tips and tricks in the Martini Style Guide, you'll soon be setting the tone in fashion.

The principle of layering

What do sports outfits and onions have in common? The answer is: layers. The so-called onion principle - also called layering - describes the positioning of functional layers of clothing. First Layer, Second Layer, Third Layer: In the Style Guide you will learn what distinguishes each individual layer and which Martini Sportswear models are particularly suitable for layering.

About the fit of outdoor clothing

Close fitting or loose, long or short, tailored or straight cut: Martini Sportswear offers cuts for every shape. Sporty are all models, and in addition, the fits vary from classic and elegant to stylish and extravagant. Find the outfit that suits you perfectly! It's easy with the fashion tips in the Martini Style Guide, I promise! Here you can find more about the different fits of the sportswear!

Functionality as a core competence

Function and design -  at Martini Sportswear both are inseparable. Therefore, the functional clothing technologies also have their place in the style guide of the Austrian outdoor specialist. Find out which functional material best suits your needs in which situation - and with what external values ​​the high-tech models score. Click here to find everything about functionality at a glance!

Material Guide - Fashion that makes the difference

Functional garments made of wood or algae? What sounds awkward and not familiar, Martini Sportswear has it in the range. The Austrian family business is steadily developing its materials in the spirit of sustainability. The company is always looking for innovative solutions in harmony with nature. The Material Guide gives an insight into the current state of product development. Now click in!

Fashion guide with colour primer

Tender or strong, warm or cold, eye-catching or discreet: As it is in normal life, the functional clothing of Martini Sportswear is much more than black or white. Do you know your colour type? Even if you do, it pays to think about which sporting activities demand signal colours. The Colour Guide that can be found under the Style Guide will help you to make the right decision at the right time.