Lifestyle clothing from Martini Sportswear

Get the extra outdoor feeling even in your everyday life - with functional clothing from Martini Sportswear in all moments! Ideal for those who enjoy an active lifestyle away from the mountains and want to express this through high quality sports outfits.

Because one thing is for sure: the long-known combination of form and function - already proven in numerous sports activities - is also doing great in urban environment. The passion of Martini Sportswear for the sports experience in nature is immediately recognizable in every single model.

Functional clothing for all occasions

Sports or lifestyle? Martini Sportswear covers both!

Mountain bikers, hikers, climbers, runners - they all live for their sporting passions and for the strong bonds to Martini Sportswear. In winter, ski tourers, freeriders, cross-country skiers and winter runners love to rely on the functional as well as fashionable outdoor models. No wonder every single garment has it all: The Austrian sports brand uses the most advanced clothing technologies. This results in high-tech functional clothing that loses nothing to style - thanks to ultramodern colours and cuts.

Martini Sportswear for your everyday life

Lifestyle fashion with functional demands

Style and function always have been an integral core at Martini Sportswear - and with the Style.Selection we take it to the next level. Current fashion trends, multifunctionally packaged! This is how the stylish outdoor models for men and women can be described. It's all about meeting the highest visual standards without sacrificing technical sophistication. The family business from Annaberg masters this tricky challenge with remarkable stamina and brilliance. Martini Sportwear knows how to inspire their loyal customers year after year as well as sports fans who are just about to discover Martini Sportswear.

How is Martini Sportswear's lifestyle fashion best combined? What role do fit, materials and colours play in this? What can be said in principle to the functionality of the garments? The Style Guide deals with this in detail and answers even more questions.

Shirts: Wearable 365 days a year

Whether men or women, in summer or winter, for sports activities or in everyday life:  No outfit without a shirt! Martini Sportswear faces all theses demands with a wide range of modern outerwear. Would you like to feel perfectly comfortable on your next date? Already the mere thought of the date makes you sweat? Martini Sportswear can bring out the twinkle in your eye! We recommend a thin and ultralight functional shirt under the blouse or shirt.

Be inspired by our assortment to create your individual looks! We are certain that you will quickly find your favourite piece in our online store ...

Sweaters and vests: the warming companions for every day

Whenever a shirt alone is not enough, you can rely on sweaters and vests. The product line of fashionable and equally functional MARTINI SPORTSWEAR models is wide-ranging. From the classic down vest to the hoodie, our outerwear keeps ladies and men always cozy and warm. Just rely on the sweaters and vest of MARTINI SPORTSWEAR whether on your challenging mountain tour or on your relaxed city stroll.

Jackets: Fashionable and functional protective layers

Anyone who wants to experience the outdoor adventure feeling in everyday life can do so best with a functional jacket from Martini Sportswear. The jacket naturally rounds out every sporty-casual look. Even combined with elegant business outfits, the high-quality models always cut a fine figure - especially the sporty lifestyle collection "Style.Selection".

On the way to the café, on the bike ride after work or when visiting the open-air concert: Once put on, you won't want to take these casual jackets off anymore. Because they keep what they promise: reliable function and a chic look.

By the way: athletes wear their outerwear in functional layers. If you want to know more about the so-called layering, you will find answers to many questions in the Style Guide from Martini Sportswear.

The versatile use of functional pants

Are functional pants only useful for mountain sports ? Martini Sportswear proves the opposite! Do you cycle to work every day? Are you going for a walk in the woods with your family on the weekend? Do you meet with friends for a cozy mulled wine drink? For such occasions the pants models of the Austrian outdoor expert are always an excellent choice.

Practical accessories for every day

Hardly anyone walks out of the house without a hat, scarf and gloves in winter. After all, the precious accessories keep you comfortably warm in the cold. It does not matter whether you are striving for challenging sports performances or just sitting relaxed in the park and enjoying nature.

That's why Martini Sportswear offers epic accessories for every day in its wide range. And literally every day, because even in summer temperatures, it can be temporarily cool, such as in high altitudes or if wind comes up, for example, at a lake.

Meet the challenges of life

Get the fashion for your lifestyle!

It has never be so fancy to be fit then today! - The fashion trend "Athleisure" make it evident. Sporty clothing has long since arrived in everyday fashion and shows how super cool fitness can be. Martini Sportswear supports this development with sportswear for every day. And with the sporty lifestyle models, we manage to easily combine style worlds which once had been completely apart.

Sporty, active and as often as possible out and about in nature: All those following this lifestyle or strive for such can find with Martini Sportswear a reliable partner.

Perfectly-dressed in every situation with Martini Sportswear

Functional Lifestyle clothing for men and women