Functional clothing for every sport in every weather condition

A popular proverb says "There is no bad weather - there is only wrong clothing!".  We say: With the high-quality functional clothing from Martini Sportswear you are well prepared for every weather condition and every outdoor sport. Because we rely on a selected material mix and innovative technologies.

Whether in summer or winter, with the functional outfits you can go skiing, ski touring, biking, hiking, running, climbing and much more. The icing on the cake: with Martini Sportswear you are always stylishly dressed!

Stylish functional outfits

Clothing for every lifestyle

Martini Sportswear is best known for prime functional apparel. The fact that the outfits of the traditional Salzburg brand also look good in everyday life is no longer a secret.

Fast drying and light

The perfect outdoor clothing for all activities in the summer

Bright blue sky, the sun is shining, no rain in sight - thus the ideal weather for mountain tours, running or excursions by bike. When exercising all theses activities the athlete should not overheat and sweat should be quickly transported away from the body. That's why it is essential to wear functional clothing.

How about trying the thin functional shirts and pants from Martini Sportswear for example ? Breathability, quick-drying and unrestricted freedom of movement, guarantee unique mountain experiences.

And if it should be a bit colder or raining, there are a large variety of vests, wind breakers, rain jackets and hoodies in our range to choose from.

Breathable and warming gear - Sportswear for winter activities

Snow-covered landscapes, biting cold, clear views - winter sports enthusiasts happily make their rounds on cross-country skis, carve down perfectly groomed slopes or walk up gorgeous mountains. Especially in the cold season, the appropriate functional clothing is essential. It stores the heat given off by the body and prevents winter sports fans from cooling out. At the same time, the outfit is breathable and protects against moisture and wind.

Functional underwear, warm hoodies, fluffy vests, padded jackets and weatherproof pants: Martini Sportswear offers the highest quality equipment for every winter sport. So the adventure in the snow becomes a real experience!