Martini Experience - the spirit of the Austrian outdoor brand

Martini Sportswear is more than just a brand for high-quality functional clothing. Martini Sportswear is a lifestyle. The company with roots in Salzburg embodies a spirit that can be felt by the customer anytime, anywhere. No matter if summer or winter, on the mountains or in the valley, in the city or on the country - you always can rely on the Martini-Family!

Are you ready for the Martini Experience? Browse through modern material technologies, a large variety of sporting activities and our stand out Style Guide. It's also worth to peep in the list of professionals of the Martini Speed ​​Team.


Beautiful shell, functional core: true to this motto, innovative clothing technologies are the cornerstones of the Austrian family business. Only when the outdoor clothing works perfectly, the sport can become an adventurious experience. Materials such as PrimaLoft®, Polartec® and Pertex® guarantee optimum performance in any wind and weather conditions. Get to know the functionalities and properties of the individual high-tech fabrics!


What is high-quality functional clothing needed for? First and foremost for the sport, whereby the Style.Selection of Martini Sportswear highly proves that the sporty models also have their right to exist in the everyday life. Core competence is and remains clothing for all kinds of physical activity. Starting with mountain biking, hiking, climbing and running in the summer right up to ski touring, freeriding, cross-country skiing and running in winter.

Do you want to try out something new ? Click here to find out about different sports activities and about why the activities of daily life with Martini Sportswear are even more fun.

Martini Speed ​​Team

Formerly a trouser-tailor, Martini Sportswear sponsored alpine winter sports already back in the 60s and 70s. And that's what the Austrian outdoor expert keeps doing until today. That's why the Martini Speed ​​Team is another essential element of the unique Martini Experience - and a class of its own. Learn more about the cooperation with various athletes and the ÖSV (Austrian Ski Association)!

Style Guide

Functionality is one thing, design is the other. Both have a skilful connection with Martini Sportswear. From collection to collection the sports brand from the Tennengau manages to meet both functional and visual demands. With the Martini Style Guide, the company discloses some of its secrets and makes its experiences come alive for the end consumer. That's means only for you!

If you want, you can get loads of valuable tips and useful tricks for your ideal outfit. The principle of layering is as much a topic as the large variety of fits and colours. The Material Guide and its separated section on functionality also serve as a guideline for all Martini fans.

Experience the Martini Sportswear brand

What completes the brand experience? That's quite clear: All facts about the philosophy and history of the sports fashion expert and the headquarter in Annaberg! And, of course, the collections for men and women, which you can look at at the shop.

Are you ready for the Martini Experience? An entire adventure world is waiting to be discovered by you. Do not miss this opportunity - and make Martini Sportswear a part of your life!